Got this via e-mail:

On August 19th 2007, an oil tanker off the coast of Australia split in two, dumping 20,000 tons of crude oil. Senator Collins, a member of the Australian Parliament, appeared on a TV news program to reassure the Australian public. This actual interview is so funny, you’d swear it was a ‘Monty Python’ skit.

It just proves… Once a politician, always a politician!

Thanks Taymoor.

Not a real interview.


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2 Responses to “Politicians…”

  1. liliuokalani says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! OMG what kind of stupid politician is this? I doubt this is a real interview, cuz if it is, that idiot should be kicked out of office! i especially enjoyed the part when he said what these tankers are supposed to be made of and his reply was: cardboard is out of the question, so is cellutape. LOL! ;D

  2. shai says:

    This is a comedy duo, John Clarke (playing the senator) and Brian Dawe (playing the interviewer) something during the early 1990’s. This is just too wacky, I knew this couldnt be real. Seriously, cardboard is out?! Looool