More than a week with the red colour .. This is weird. The main question here is what’s next!?

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This entry was posted on Thursday, September 11th, 2008 at 12:44 pm

12 Responses to “Still in RED”

  1. Ansam says:

    KSE is reacting to the global pressure (first seen in the States, and then elsewhere)
    We also have seen new market lows recently… add to that Zain’s rights issue is also pressuring the market as it will close on Sept 8th (one more week to go)

    This is all fundamentally driven…. 😉

    Can you tell I work in investments? 😛

  2. Ansam says:

    sorry Zain’s RI will close on Sept 18th

  3. RaZ says:

    Ansam, kuwait market is a fish market, it never reacts to global pressure, its all a game in kuwait, yeah i give it to you that there is liquidity issues due to many capital raises and launches, however i predict this is a few major players driving the market down, most probably the govmt will react next week with a stimulus plan which they know about and will benefit heavily from… lets all hope anyways….

  4. Adrenaline says:


    govmt will react, stimulus plan, helloooooo ur in a third world country, governments do not react.

  5. momo says:

    Next is GREEN $$!

  6. Ansam says:

    It does 🙂
    It happens first in the bigger markets and the effects reach emerging markets 🙂
    See, emerging markets do take such hits! While they remain healthier, their links with developed ones are growing

  7. RaZ says:

    Adrenaline: then you dont know much about kuwait, you will see in the next 2 weeks a heavy stimulus plan by the government to support the market

    Ansam: Do some market research you will find Kuwait is the least market that reacts to the world economy, kuwait does not follow ECON101 that they teach at uni.

  8. Ansam says:

    OK 🙂 whatever makes you sleep at night 🙂

  9. Teeman says:

    ok….so il boor9aa is down …bs laish its been confusing me. mishary can u explain to me why this has happened please 😀

  10. RaZ says:

    Adrenaline: read AlQabas tomorrow, headline is the govt will inject a lot of money into market, aka a stimulus package.