So is it Sunsoon or Sun seven?! I say shoot the translator and then drop the seven and keep the soon. coz with the seven the name means nothing whereas with the soon, it kinda means something…… Am I right or what? 😛

Picture taken in Aljabriya’s Co-op. Thanks Fawaz.


This entry was posted on Monday, September 8th, 2008 at 3:57 am

17 Responses to “SunSoon Orange Syrup?”

  1. The Talker says:

    لووووووووووووووووول يمعود قويه
    بس يمكن الواو اهي فاء .. بس نسو النقطه .. وانهم يشبكونها مع النون
    لا لا كلش ما تترقع

  2. Bow n Arrow says:

    LOL! sooo… unappetizing :p

  3. muscati says:

    Looks like it’s based on the Indian pronunciation of seven, ya3ni “sawan”

  4. Ansam says:

    very appetizing! :-S

  5. Pure says:

    waaaaiii3 .. seriously u maid me use my imagination, i’m going to throw up : /

  6. Dodo says:

    ge6a3! sansoon marra wa7da 3ad!!

  7. KTDP says:

    LooooooL now that is comedy ….. I’m going to buy that to just for the sake of having it ……

  8. powder says:

    LOL eww

  9. MJKOUT says:

    Lol khalisat el asamy

  10. cheni bsweeha daga ebrefejtee a5eth laha sansoon 😛

  11. pumkinah says:

    hehehehe walaaaaaaah 7ada dagaaah 😛 bs u know saweet lh tasweeq 😛 shakli bashtere mena wawazi3 3l 7abayeb just to c thier reaction hehe walah u made my day 😀

  12. pumkinah says:

    lol chena b3d mktoob 3leeh sansoon mo 6abi3i 😛 hehe ekmalaaaaaaaaat

  13. Teeman says:

    ooo seems like a sunkist spin off ….but heyy sunsoon o.O umm.. excuse me can i have some booger drink please XD

  14. Teeman says:

    u never know this might mean that the sun ising at 7 am is too soon xP

  15. TaLaL says:

    😀 shno ya3ni ..? hatha shakla 7ada rai7 feha alsponser of this drink 😀

  16. Pure says:

    lol @ Teeman ; p