After reading the comments in my previous post and found out that the best malts in country is HOLSTEN i decided to order some so i went ahead and ordered the mango and grenadine flavors which are my favorites. You can order by phone by calling 2455041, 2405408 and 2445853.

P.S.: After uploading the picture it looked weird it reminds me of somthing similar of, how do you say it in english? (Kabsaat sher6aa 3alabaya3een khomoor) looks like one of those pictures in newspapers when the police capture an illegal shipment of alcohol, doesn’t it? 🙂


This entry was posted on Wednesday, September 10th, 2008 at 3:11 am

14 Responses to “The First Load of HOLSTEN Arrived”

  1. Yousef says:

    ee 3afya ishrab feehom 7ail 7aail lain you overdose o faj2a mateshtehy tshoofhom 😛

    o ba3dain ta3al.. wallah fashla.. shigoloon lawadim? ana asawy post 3an ilcharity bhashahar ilfetheel winta 6aye7ly beeeeereh!?

  2. DVLz says:

    hahahaa shaklah mishary besawi tantheef me3da 😀

  3. Pure says:

    Loooool @ Yousef ; p
    well Mishary yes it does but with more prof. look : p o deer bailk as the guys said in ur last post y6al3 krsha : s !

  4. Pure says:

    Btw Mishary, off topic but did u face any problem while ordering the BB bold ? I mean while i was checking out with google my order has been canceled because as they said that they “were unable to verify the credit or debit card information ” !!
    this is the first time attempt to me with google checkout !

  5. Pure says:

    first attempt *

  6. 9k2hn says:

    Alah yesam7ek ya Mishary…… Hatha tashaboh bel kafarah!! anyhow get us 6 pack of the grenadine flavor today lets try it. please ask them to put in the freezer to be able to drink it after fotor today.


  7. Mishary says:

    9k2hn Hehehehehehehehehehe inshalla i will 🙂

    Pure i’ve ordered mine with AMEX ad i didnt face any problem. from which site your ordering ?

    Yousef Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe fashlaaaaa !!! bs ana gelt lazem a7e6 our readers bel sora en kel shay ensaweeeh we report it here 🙂

    DVLz Hehehehehehehehehehehe walla i drink once a day

  8. Pure says:

    I’ve ordered from the linked of the website which was in ur post.

  9. pumkinah says:

    y7leelkum etefa6eroon o teshroboon beeraaah 😛

  10. lieye says:

    Watch you weight

  11. Teeman says:

    loooooooool bil 3afyaa but id rather barbican and well when it comes to holsten i prefer the strawberry and the apple i think

  12. The Talker says:

    خلني آقولك شغلة مشاري .. انت من حطيت صور الغبقه وانا مو مضبوط .. اقولك شصار
    انا شفت الصور ونمت الظهر اريح بعد الدوام لما الفطور .. عاد قمت وبشنو حلمت ..
    اني احصل سياره حق هولستن .. تعطيك تشرب منهم .. وفري ريفيل .. ببلاش
    وبالحلم .. ذقته وعجبني حيل .. وانا قايم من النوم وصايم احس طعمه بحلجي ..
    وقمت بعد الفطور مريت الجمعيه واشتريت واحد بنكهة الليمون كونها المفضله عندي وجربته
    طبعا اقدر اقولك انه مو نفس اللي ذقته بالحلم .. غشوني ههههههههه
    بس طعمه كان جيد صج .. لكن انا مجرب وياه بربيكان وأشوفه أطعم منه
    جرب انت وشوف ..
    وبالاخير اطالبك بشي نفس اللي ذقته بالحلم لوووول