She wasn’t the best maid, she didn’t speak english or arabic and she was lazy. We were going to let her go as soon as we come back from our vacation. When we came back we were surprised to find that she wasn’t only planning on stealing many of our things, but she also was abusing our trust by wearing and using some of our stuff behind our backs.

Some of the stuff she was planning on stealing:

  • Blankets.
  • Clothes.
  • Food (Rice, Dates, Milk.. among other things)
  • Crystal Salad bowls.
  • Kitchenware.
  • Soaps (more than you could ever imagine)
  • Many other little things.

She was planning on shipping all this stuff in this big metal box (shown Below). The box weighted more than a 100kg. The below pictured things are only a sample of what was in the box.

Ofcourse she denied having stolen those stuff and claimed she bought them with her own money, and the funny thing is, the dates were a gift from a relative and the name of that relative was printed on the cover, and when we asked her she said she got it from a shop in the city. When she was promising not to steal again while crying her way out of our house, we couldn’t help but feel very [very] sorry for her.


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16 Responses to “The One With The Stealing Maid”

  1. MiYaFuSHi says:

    What she did was very wrong, but what is heart breaking that she is stealing mostly necessities

  2. one way ticket to her country is the only solution…

  3. Dodo says:

    waaaai hal khadam 9ej BALWA o 3awar ras!!!

  4. bo9ale7 says:

    la heart breaking wala shay. dam enha started stealing khalas . you cant trust her o anything else

  5. Adrenaline says:

    Nothing valuable man..they are poor and come here and see the way we are living and get shocked, they don’t have food to eat back home.
    I was asked once by the guy working at a Bkalah next to my place if i can get his brother from Bangladesh and he will work for me only for food and a bed.

    We should always remember to thank god for El Neamaah, and try to not to hard for such people.

    Read this post

  6. pumkinah says:

    ana m3akum ena its heart breaking but dam bagat small things she will take big stuff also and thats from experience, my sis once had a maid she stole lip stick so i was like laa tzfeenha 7aram ma yeswa then guess what after a while she stole 400 kd from them along with ither stuff not only from her house but also from her in laws also !!
    we all had maids in our homes and they all came from poor cities but they never steal! if they want something we will give for them but stealing is never allowed!
    etha kasra kha6erkum 3a6ooha el mgsoom oo send her out.

  7. Adrenaline says:

    pumkinah, keep ur valuable in a safe place

  8. Ansam says:

    thats bad ๐Ÿ™ sometimes you try to be nice and understanding but see what you get in return

    our driver was an issue by himself, not only we knew him… but he was our driver back more than 10 years ago.. he came to Kuwait and looked my dad up and begged him to work again for him – it was a BIG mistake

    first my dad as a gift let him travel to his country before he started working with us, and dad paid for the whole thing. then he comes back and start working and demanding things, like i need a new iron (which my dad got him) and special food order, because he doesnt “like” all kinda kuwaiti food… elqahar inna most of his wishes were granted! And then during last eid he told dad he want to go home for few days! my dad, my dad if you go dont come back.. you cant take ejazat 3ala kaifik – he actually wanted money for the ticket!

    elwaqa7a lama my dad gave him his salary up to when he was leaving, and he really had the guts to say: Mafi ezyada? he wanted more!!!! and then asked my dad that he wants to run errands before he travel and need the car, so my dad said yes ok.. and then my dad gave him extra KD10 for him, so he comes back and tell him I need money for gas.. My dad got angry at this point, reached his limit and asked him to use public transport!

    And then after he leaves, the sibi and new driver asked for iron! YES! OUR EX-Driver took the iron and many things back home with him LOL

    sorry for the long comment I got carried away

  9. powder says:

    omg , same thing happened to us , my dad brings food monthly from rice o flour milk and oil .. etc and we realized that we run out of thm so quickly and we dont eat alot at home . the day our made was traveling we checked her luggage wala she stole all of them , evn 4 cell phones and our clothes :/
    and yes she did cry but i didnt feel sorry for her

    wely y7er that she was a hindu and then she converted to islam which was bull just to mke us happy , tge9 3alenaa

    ps: if shes hindu then its ok for them to steal from the muslims , its somewher in theire religion :S

  10. pumkinah says:

    wala 7aratooni 3la hal comments !! khalkum serious m3ahum !! sheno hl sayabaan !! am good m3a khadmna and over good bs lma a7es enhum ga3d yesteghelona then klshy yogaf 3nd 7ada !!
    i hate them bs shar la boda menh ;/

  11. powder

    y bring up religion?

    “ps: if shes hindu then its ok for them to steal from the muslims , its somewher in theire religion :S”

    what a stupid thing to even think, let alone writing such a comment

  12. Yousef says:

    MiYaFuSHi well, i felt sorry for her, but she didn’t stop at the necessities, she stole other things and used, USED some of our things, which to me was worse than her stealing things.

    Mr. Solutions we gave her 3 choices:

    2-send her home.
    3-let her find another job in Kuwait. (she chose this one)

    Dodo sometimes they’re id3al ๐Ÿ˜›

    bo9ale7 ihya testahil.. bs ksarat kha6ry taly…

    Adrenaline yeah sure i agree, we shouldn’t be hard on them and we never were.

    FYI some of the things she stole were expensive.

    pumkinah you can’t be too safe when you have strange people working in every room in the house… khaleeha 3alallah..

    um-mit3ib akeed fa6ra 3ayal!

    Ansam Eww I hate the ungrateful type! Your father really showed a great deal of patience! I admire him for that.

    powder That is one stupid maid! i don’t know how they think nobody will notice the missing stuff!

    about the hindu/muslim comment, I don’t think that is correct. no, I definitely think you’re mistaken lol ๐Ÿ˜›

    question of a question religion got nothing to do with this post. nice nick btw. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. um-mit3ib says:

    la mo fa6ra lat6ale3 3any isha3at plz;p

  14. Harsha says:

    Wow Powder!

    Height of ignorance.. I dont think there’s any religion in this world that allows stealing. Where do you learn shit like that?

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