Just spotted VIVA branch in Al-Kout Mall which indicates that they will open so soon inshallah.

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We saw this guy next to his cart in Al Aali Mall in Bahrain and my friends told me that I have got to buy some before we return to Kuwait. The guy was so nice and fun to talk to (just like all the other Bahrainis) and when we asked to take pictures he didn’t mind at all.
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If you’re looking for a job or a new one, I think you should have a look there. Today is the last day for the job fair. I went the day before yesterday and submitted my CV to almost all of the companies there. I know I should’ve posted this earlier but I forgot. It’s in Alraya ballroom near Alraya mall and Marriott Courtyard The New York EDITION.

Wish me luck.

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The Monarch resort will be opening in Al Julaia’a. I really like the gondolas idea, it kinda remind me of AlQaser hotel in Dubai.

Regarding the opening, they didn’t mention anything about it, yet, but i hope it’ll be completed soon, inshallah.

For more information click HERE

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I dont know if it’s a silly game but i can assure you it can be pretty addictive.



It’s funny how every time we play volleyball someone gets hurt 😛 one time we rushed a friend to a hospital and last week another friend somehow hurt his thigh 😛 and even moi who played for less than an hour, my neck was hurting and only stopped hurting yesterday. Didn’t know Volleyball could be this dangerous.
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What do you think of these cups ? Also what do you think if you start your day with one of these smiley cups ? But the sad news is… these are only concepts! 7aram wallah it’s a nice idea.

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Alah yer7oma.

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We received an email from Khanfaroosh last week, it’s a home bakery that specializes in 2 types of Kuwaiti desserts: the traditional gers 3gaily and a cononut flavored one. They wanted to send us a sample to review.
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Aϊshti’s Aizone to open it’s first branch in Kuwait soon in Avenues phase II.

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Usually when a restaurant opens in Kuwait and is a franchise it becomes a hit for awhile and then deteriorates. Just like Nino and Entrocote of Alfanar. But when we went to Café de Paris in Albede3 last thursday, I was surprised with the improvement.

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*imagining Rgaya o Sbeecha with a khaisha full of cash coming out of the bank X1000*

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The new 3G iPhone is available in Electrozan for KD270. I don’t know which color and which size. I called the showroom to ask and a guy of not much help answered and said I’d have to come and see for myself..

Their website.

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We went back to ALThuba3iya Runway and saw some pretty neat 3D action. I think it is called 3D because the plane floats in the air, suspended, and feels like there is a little invisible thread keeping it up in the air. Or they call 3D for a completely different reason. I don’t really know.
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Here is a cool web site. It shows the front page of most of our Kuwaiti newspapers everyday, So if your in a hurry (o taby el zebda) just click HERE.



A couple of months ago Yousef wrote about a search engine called Yamli. For those who dont know yet whats yamli is, here is an excerpt from his post :

“you don’t have to struggle with the spelling, you can type using ur regular Arabish letters (mIRC letters, like the 3 for 3aba3aal and 7 for 7mar) and it will recognize the letters and turns them into arabic letters. 😀 “.

And now google applies this feature in its search engine. CHECK it out.







Yes finally its raining !

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DHL sent me a package the other day telling about their improved service. They sent a brochure and a form to fill and sign. It’s not really a brand new service but more like a revamped @Home service and they’ve changed the name to Easy Shop.

The positive changes they’ve made to their service are:

1-Internet tracking.
2-Shipment leaves within 24 hours from it’s arrival to your US mailbox and you’ll get notified twice via sms and email. Once when it leave and once again when it arrive.
3-4 days transit period.
4- Concierge service.

And there is one big change they’ve done and is, in my opinion, a very big mistake:

They won’t deliver to our homes any more. We pick a service point (they have 4 points all over Kuwait) and we go ourselves to collect the packages.

If you want to learn more about this service then you should read This post and This one too.


My wife was searching the net for a good chocolate cake to order and she came across Mark’s blog. He mentioned previously the Slider Station’s chocolate pudding. So yesterday Me, wife and INM decided to go there at night, we sat and ordered 3 chocolate pudding with vanilla ice cream, it took around 15 mins to be served. When it came it was EXTREMELY HOT! and it was a large portion for a one person’s. But it was simply AMAZING ! Raw3a ! I’m highly recommending it, especially for the chocolate lovers!

Sorry for the bad picture because it was so dark in there and i couldn’t even use my flash coz i dont want to burn the picture.. so this is the best i can do.

P.S. if the owner is reading please tell me what was the main ingredient.. is it toast ? I was told by someone that its made of cerelac.


I got sms from Hamad telling me there is demonstration in front of KSE building, Anyone can confirm it?

Thanks Hamad.

Thanks Roudan for the picture.