Yesterday we decided to have lunch today at Burj Alhamam restaurant so i called the restaurant and I reserved a table for the family as I usually would. He then said ‘yes sir its available for that many people at that time, but there is one request, you have to come now and pay a non refundable KD20 to complete your reservation’ i said what? why should i come today and tomorrow? i will come tomorrow and in case I wanted to cancel i will call you, don’t worry. he replied .. ‘Sorry sir this is the only way. Its our policy in every Eid.’ and yes i ended up going and paid the KD20 for the table.


This entry was posted on Thursday, October 2nd, 2008 at 9:53 pm

9 Responses to “A Costly Reservation”

  1. casio says:

    i hope the 20 was deducted from your check

  2. wait, did u get the 20kd back?
    or it’s a charge? cus if so, that’s illegal 😛

  3. Ansam says:

    mita inti6awar… in the States they take your visa number and if you cancel in less than 24 hrs they charge you! They dont make you take the trip to pay for reservation! Ughhhhhh! The system here sux

  4. 7zaya says:

    I remember having to give my card number sometimes in the States. But I hate the idea of someone taking my credit card number I feel it’s less secure than paying the cash. In all cases, they could have just made it First Come First Serve and not take reservations at all. Salfat ini ate3anna 3ashan adfa33 ya3ni madri shlon

  5. Bo 7amaD says:


    you have a point ,, and its ridiculous for you to go there twice but, you cant blame them, all kinds of freaky behavior happens there. To them, its like this ” i must make sure that i make money, the food is being cooked anyway” also, they are keeping their fingers crossed that you won’t show up. (haha)

  6. forzaq8 says:

    and yet you went and paid them 20KD
    and people wonder why every business impose ridiculous polices in Kuwait
    its because they know most of us are weak , Star Bucks add 200 fils to your bill ? you will come tomorrow , McDonald add 100 ? you will come tonight after you had lunch there

    my god , if you check the last 200 successful business in Kuwait i would say around 190 of them were food related either restaurants or delivery

  7. Lana says:

    By the way this is legal in north America and Europe but in middle east is not forced (we are French Law) it is the people who need to learn some class, it’s when they make a reservation they stick to it or cancel right away in any case… we need to teach our children the proper behaviours some unfortunately they do not care (Kuwaiti Keefi) policy is used.

  8. HKR says:

    beeh eshda3waa,,, 3allllni makaleet 3ndihoom ,,, 3ad men zeen elakel … killa nasheef a7la mafee elma63am ga3deta ..

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