We saw this guy next to his cart in Al Aali Mall in Bahrain and my friends told me that I have got to buy some before we return to Kuwait. The guy was so nice and fun to talk to (just like all the other Bahrainis) and when we asked to take pictures he didn’t mind at all.

I bought 5 jars of pickles, I couldn’t resist. I bought a green chili with lemon pieces, a red chili (ma3boch), a tomato pickle, mango pickle and a dates pickle! the dates (khalal) pickle, according to the seller, was made especially for his customers from Kuwait. I had to buy it.

I seriously wish I could say some good words about the pickles we bought from the guy, he was so nice and deserves some praise but… I went through the pickles (haven’t tried the dates yet though) and found them a complete mess. They’re flavorless.

Nothing bothers me more than a flavorless dish with identity crisis. They weren’t spicy, nor salty, nor sweet and not even sour. They were as bland as a marag without bamya! I think buying the pickles was a wrong, very wrong idea.

I was told that the ‘Taiba pickles & spices’ brand is available in Kuwait at some of the co-ops.


This entry was posted on Friday, October 31st, 2008 at 5:28 am

7 Responses to “Bahraini Pickles (Achar)”

  1. Intlxpatr says:

    I also hate tasteless pickles, or ones with an unexpected and unwelcome spice. We have gotten used to some new flavors, living here, like mabooch. But . . . I love the pickle-serving dish. Very nice! 🙂

  2. daggero says:


    funny thing now i started to like the american type of very mild spices ,

    Bahraini Achar (pickles) without flavor ??? maybe to make it more appealing to more customers who cant handle the sharp taste of indian spices .

    Another strange thing , bahrainis dont serve daqoos ( tomato sauce) with Ghoozi ( Stuffed sheep)

    Yousef , it is time to give the pickles away as a gift saying : See i did not forget you and here is a gift from my last trip to bahrain oo Sam&oona 3al el gusoor ( because it is truelly gusoor ) 🙂

    BTW ; nice clear shots

  3. KTDP says:

    meh …. the pictures are good at least …..

  4. Ansam says:

    post pictures of the dates pickles.. and tell us how good/bad they’re!?

  5. INM says:

    amma ga3dat el shayeb chenah malah she`3el men el 3arabah 🙂

  6. Mistress of Spice Islands says:

    I suspect the Bahraini “achar” has Hindi leanings read lemon and mango pickles. Are these readily available in Kuwait ? Am having a hard time imagining such pickle kiosks setting shop in L’Avenues, Marina or 360 Kuwait. Besides, pickles belong in traditional Suqs not Souk Sharg, and on the high street.

  7. n says:

    the best achar they sold was ( achar bambar ) it is soo gooood and the mango as well