DHL sent me a package the other day telling about their improved service. They sent a brochure and a form to fill and sign. It’s not really a brand new service but more like a revamped @Home service and they’ve changed the name to Easy Shop.

The positive changes they’ve made to their service are:

1-Internet tracking.
2-Shipment leaves within 24 hours from it’s arrival to your US mailbox and you’ll get notified twice via sms and email. Once when it leave and once again when it arrive.
3-4 days transit period.
4- Concierge service.

And there is one big change they’ve done and is, in my opinion, a very big mistake:

They won’t deliver to our homes any more. We pick a service point (they have 4 points all over Kuwait) and we go ourselves to collect the packages.

If you want to learn more about this service then you should read This post and This one too.


This entry was posted on Friday, October 24th, 2008 at 3:27 pm

14 Responses to “DHL Launched New Net Shopping Service”

  1. Mishary says:

    Yousef i want to have an account with them can i apply via internet ?

  2. Yousef says:

    I don’t know wallah. email sarita.dsouza@dhl.com if you have any questions and I’m sure she’ll be of much help 🙂

  3. ME says:

    how much? 🙂

  4. Abdullah says:

    what is shipping charges?

  5. Ahmad says:

    My biggest issue with the DHL service was not the non-availability of internet tracking, it was their prices. I paid 50KD for a box that would cost usually under 20KD with Aramex.

    I received their new brochure but there was no mention in it about prices, which is troubling!

  6. Abdullah says:

    and what about combining shipments???
    for example i bought 2 items from 2 different sellers and came to my mailbox can they combine them to reduce the shipping charges??

  7. Chubby-Doll says:

    They r so bad .. they charge u for custom clerance even though its personal stuff which customs have nuthin 2 do with it ,,, unless its 100$ and above they charge 5% only .. even without any extra charges .. anyways sarita told me that they improved there services and they will not charge for anything under 100$ .. plus they r dealin with all shipment so strictly .. like if ur goin to order some supplements they must go to ministry of health then u can take them from there and if some magazines they must go for ministry of information !!!!!! imagine !!!!!! while in aramex everything go smoothly ..
    anyways the charges gonna be like this …
    3,500 kd for first 1/2 Kg
    3,000 kd for additional 1/2 kg’s
    thats also 2much ..
    thats the website which she gave me

  8. kamikaze says:

    i agree with Chubby-Doll
    They are very expensive, a 30$ T-shirt cost me 100$
    coz of the other charges they dont tell you about when you register with DHL
    custom clerance, tax + there charges
    .Go Aramex

  9. Om FasoOoL says:

    I hate DHL .. i already subscribed before they start their tracking service. I know Sarita for a very long time and she called me up and introduced the service without telling me there is no tracking .. so this was their first mistake. I never used this service because i find aramex more convinient price wise and service wise (no hidden charges). then i get this same package like in the photo and i like say welcome to the world … but really get shocked that there is no delivery.
    I called Sarita again and told her who are you trying to compete with … you’re way behind .. DHL by default delivers the packages why not this service? she said that we can arrange a delivery at an extra cost !!!!
    menshaaaar 6ale3 yakel o nazel yakel .. unbelievable

  10. Adrenaline says:

    DHL is the worse carrier ever, i have been using ARAMEX for more than 4 years and only had to pay customs fee once -it was a very big box-, and i got all the receipts to prove that the money went to costumes.

    But with DHL they make u pay customs for any shit u buy, i just had a some accessories for my bike 250 euro worth less and 1KG, shipped from Italy and i had to pay KD 8 customs fee and when i asked for the customs receipt they said we can only give a DHL receipt which doesn’t say why i paid the KD8 !!!
    Once i got an RC toy thats worth KD15 and ended paying KD18 clearance and BAYAN fee!!
    i always had to go pick my shipments, because they are very slow, it takes the package 3 days to reach Kuwait and 3 more days to be dispatched from DHL and the excuse they always use “sorry we couldn’t deliver it today we will do it tomorrow”

  11. Makiko says:

    I have used http://www.myUS.com for 9 years and they have always been professional. They log in the boxes when they arrive and email you the whole way. They will even help you buy using their credit card from companies that do not take foreign credit cards.

  12. anita says:

    For international shipping I have been using another company in the US that provides excellent technology and service

    BongoUS doesn’t nickel and dime you for things like fuel and consolidation, etc. They also charge a significant amount less for insurance. They have a lot of useful international shipping info on their website, and a live chat option for Qs. BongoUS also offers a pay-per-use option while other mail forwarding companies require you to pay a subscription fee

  13. 7amood says:

    AVOID DHL Express at all costs! I once had an order shipped straight from amazon (from amazon.com – Kuwait), transit time was 2-3 days BUT they claim that my package was being held at the ministry of information and NEVER offered me customs-clerance. I once had a package shipped to me from UPS and they DID OFFER ME CUSTOMS-CLERANCE and paid from home. Bottom line, UPS > DHL

    With aramex, you pay $00.00 for customs 🙂

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you