A couple of months ago Yousef wrote about a search engine called Yamli. For those who dont know yet whats yamli is, here is an excerpt from his post :

“you don’t have to struggle with the spelling, you can type using ur regular Arabish letters (mIRC letters, like the 3 for 3aba3aal and 7 for 7mar) and it will recognize the letters and turns them into arabic letters. 😀 “.

And now google applies this feature in its search engine. CHECK it out.


This entry was posted on Saturday, October 25th, 2008 at 12:01 am

7 Responses to “Google Apply Yamli’s Idea”

  1. somechick says:

    ohhh interesting! you know i wrote a whole report in yamli! bs el dr somehow noticed something fishy about the report, he said something about it seems strange…i honestly dont see the difference!

  2. ChiefQ8 says:

    lol the most important thing is “7 for 7mar”

  3. Bojacob says:

    Very interesting!

    What I don’t get is the complaints on Google Groups. First it’s stolen from Onkosh, then it’s stolen from Yamli.

    Like … frikkin feel honored Google did something for us you morons.

  4. Jam3iiya(L) says:

    This is realllly cool! Its makes or life so much easier then searching for arabic letters. ;D

  5. DVLz says:

    its not just google or some other sites that are trying to use the same idea even you can find firefox addons such as those.



  6. zgeeeert ! cuz i dont even have arabic letters on my keyboard ! :p

  7. Khaled says:

    Yamli is soo much better .. try both and you will know what im talking about .. Google tries to look up words from to Arabic dictionary when it suggests the Arabic words for you which sucks when you try to type something in Kuwaiti .. yamli on the other hand just transfers what you write to Arabic amazingly well .. I’ve been using it for a very ling time now and it makes my life much easier