We received an email from Khanfaroosh last week, it’s a home bakery that specializes in 2 types of Kuwaiti desserts: the traditional gers 3gaily and a cononut flavored one. They wanted to send us a sample to review.

We were expecting 2 little round cakes, but instead we got the package pictured above. When we opened them we found dozens of little cakes, each one wrapped separately. We thought the mini portions was a cool idea.

We started tasting them as soon as we unwrapped the package. The regular one tasted good. I couldn’t really taste the chocolate, which is good, coz I think it would’ve been a distraction anyway. The coconut flavored one tasted like it was a mix of basbosa and a gers 3gaily. The coconut flavor isn’t strong, which is good, again, coz I hate coconuts in sweets (bounty bar… yuck!) and I liked it. It was very well balanced.

^ The regular gers 3gaily. Golden wrap.

Mishary’s Mom and my Mom objected to the idea of having them chocolate covered, coz “gers 3gailies are our milk’s (chay7aleeb) companions and by covering them with chocolate, we won’t be able to dunk them in milk like we’re used to.” Other than the chocolate issue, not a big problem if you’re not a dunker, the whole thing tasted good. The small portions are a very nice idea, especially when you’re at a gathering and you don’t want to get a plate and stuff.

^ The coconut flavored. Purple wrap.

I think a lot of people will like what Khanfaroosh has to offer. We liked how they tasted and they were nicely wrapped too. I think they did a good job. A new and definitely a different take on an old recipe.

To get more information and to order you can call Khanfaroosh at 67701052.


This entry was posted on Tuesday, October 28th, 2008 at 2:20 am

29 Responses to “Khanfaroosh”

  1. Abid says:

    How trustworthy are these reviews?

    [considering the fact that you get the product to review for free]

  2. no sim says:

    how original (not!)
    they just ripped off the idea off a shop in bahrain

    and i totally agree with the moms, dunk or no dunk gers 3gaili and chocolate dont mix

  3. LULU says:

    wow thanks 7da 7low πŸ™‚ i think it’s a great idea 7g 7lo gahwa. and the choclate won’t stop me from dunking πŸ˜› (gross i know bs you should try it :P)

  4. LULU says:

    oh by the way i checked out the topics that i might be intrested in and the pop up popcorn one is cool, but i think it would be great if we had this in kuwait yum yum http://ilsul6ana.wordpress.com/?s=poptions

  5. bo9ale7 says:

    i think the reviews should be trustworthy since this is not the first time this blog reviews products.

    im going to try them soon “9eej kan lazem men Yousef yetnaga9leey wa7da” bas yalla allaaah karem πŸ˜›

  6. 7anTooSH says:

    e wala yousef abe nega9aa 3aad ana a7eeb el wa7ed alee yetnaga9leey ebshay o 5a9taan el akeel πŸ˜›

  7. Khanfaroosh says:

    Thank you Yousef and Mishary for the review.

    Any form of feedback or suggestions are always welcome to further improve our product. We would like to add that the wrapper colors are not fixed, since we offer a variety of colors.


  8. Khanfaroosh says:

    Thank you Yousef and Mishary for the review.

    Any form of feedback or suggestions are always welcome to further improve our product. We would like to add that the wrapper colors are not fixed, since we offer a variety of colors. You can always dunk ; )


  9. shosho says:

    I like the box πŸ˜€ waid it’s good for ezwaraat to get it with u

  10. HKR says:

    LULU wayed 3jabni el poption … 7adda 3ajeeeeeb


    yousef I tried the same thing in bahrain … min ma7al Pistachio bil 3ali mall o I heard enna ma7al “9afi” eele bil nezha ham 3ndhom kakaw ger9 3gailey ..

  11. LULU says:

    HKR: EEE I KNOW 7DA 3JYB o shkla lathyth b3d :))))

  12. ilSuL6ana says:

    7adaaa 3ajeeeeeeeeeeb il 5anfarooosh! ana thayegta min gabeeeeel ! oo yebna eb yam3atnaa cham maraah…
    7ata lama re7t 7ag KSA last week, wadata ma3aaay oo 7adaa 3ajab-hom!

  13. Pink GirL says:

    shaklaa waied nice
    enshallah etha 3ndena zwara a6lb mnh :>

  14. Sulaiman says:

    nam nameeeeeeeeeeeeeeee πŸ˜›

  15. bo9ale7 says:

    i ordered 3 kilos πŸ˜› 3ad hala hala bel 6ebaaakh alzain please lol πŸ˜› i did some marketing at work fa my friend wants it for his fiance πŸ˜› and his brother melcha πŸ˜›

  16. shosho says:

    I called them to make order nobody answers me πŸ™

  17. INM says:

    Yesterday I ate the coconut flavored taste good

  18. somechick says:

    I personally tried it o waiid 7iliw!! glad finally u mentioned it here

    o to no sim: i dont see it as a rip off, its not about originality mithil you have many cupcakes shops, many donut shops, and other than this place there are others in kuwait that offer a similar idea, does that mean they ripped it off bahrain too?
    recipe and quality differs, I tried bahrains and i have to say kuwait 1 – bahrain 0 πŸ˜€

  19. Yousef says:

    Abid lol thanks for questioning my integrity πŸ˜› but I’m only stating my opinion here, and you know what.. I didn’t mind the chocolate cover but our Moms did, so I put it in there just to be unbiased πŸ™‚

  20. pumkinah says:

    looks yuummmmmmyyyyy πŸ˜› ooo el packaging malhum 7da 3jeeb el alwaan wel paper !! mashalah el q8yeeen metfoon3eeen smela 3leehum πŸ˜› kho9o9an when it comes to food !! bs walah good !! a36eehum 5 mn 5 πŸ˜€

  21. mohammed says:

    yusef this is nothing relating to this post but i was wondering whether u can show us how u prepare ure espresso with milk.

  22. mohammed says:

    forgote to add ,now they invented mini gers 3egely,why not invent mini halwa bel cake or something creative for a change πŸ˜›

  23. DeeJay says:

    Seriously people, u have got to try it AND THEN give ur opinion on it. I’m not a big fan of girs 3gaily but i really loved this and the mix between it and chocolate was, as mentioned before, well-balanced.

    give it a try…what’s there to lose?

  24. ALI Q says:

    Amazing, is the only word that i can think of to describe the taste and the great skill to take these photos. If anyone has stayed in the UK for sometime, they would probably visualise these pictures in one of M&S xmas tv adverts with the seducing voice that explains how good these taste!

  25. mohammed says:

    Hi Khanfaroosh i was just wondering how long dose it usually take to deliver the product? if i make an order today would i be able to get it on the same day?

  26. Khanfaroosh says:

    Mohammed, we actually don’t have a delivery service, once the order is done you get an sms with home address to pick it up. Since there is a limited number of orders per day, it’s preferable to order a day in advance.

  27. JumZ Q. says:

    mmmmmmmm… Nice n makez me feel warm wen I eat it.. I luV it.. Really recommenDDD I ddnt expect it but yea reallY nice not tooo heavy or too light

    ThanX 4 the inventioneeRz

  28. CrazyCatQ8 says:

    basna 7ilow basnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaay eshaweg

  29. Om m7md says:

    very nice , i taste it once , really goooooood with arabian coffee.
    but they should have a web site or blog so we can order online wallah its worth it !! o ybayen its a really great job !!