The results for our last poll are in. The question was What Do You Think of Gergai3an? Over 300 votes and now here are the results for each answer:

  1. Fun 43%
  2. Lost it’s meaning 41%
  3. I don’t care 7%
  4. I hate loud kids 7%
  5. What is gergai3an 2%

It’s nice to know that it’s still fun for most people 🙂 but still, we should tone down the extravagant gergai3ans. We should keep in mind that kids should still be able to enjoy it. It was meant to make them happy after all.


Did you notice how the weather changed yesterday? It wasn’t gradual. It went from dusty and zift to CHAK BOM cold!

We stayed outside yesterday for the most part. We’re in the chalet so its nice to stay out for a change, We even did some barbecuing and did not get suicidal afterwards. We grilled some burgers and sausages and then took a carpet along with a potful of tea on coal (chay dowwa) and stayed out for awhile to enjoy the weather. It was 21° in Alzour. Was it as cold in the city?

Does this mean it’s finally changing? *anti jinx!* a cold autumn for a change?


Nokia annouced today their 5800 XpressMusic which will be available worldwide in beginning the of the fourth quarter of 2008 for an estimated retail price of KD 103 before taxes and subsidies + RIPPING OFF 6ab3an 🙂

Specifications and more pictures located below.

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Yesterday we decided to have lunch today at Burj Alhamam restaurant so i called the restaurant and I reserved a table for the family as I usually would. He then said ‘yes sir its available for that many people at that time, but there is one request, you have to come now and pay a non refundable KD20 to complete your reservation’ i said what? why should i come today and tomorrow? i will come tomorrow and in case I wanted to cancel i will call you, don’t worry. he replied .. ‘Sorry sir this is the only way. Its our policy in every Eid.’ and yes i ended up going and paid the KD20 for the table.


I know its too Dubai, but I like the sticker. You can get one from the Canada Dry Street in ‘Shari3 Alzeena’. My friend told me he paid 1kd for both plates.

I wonder if it’ll become another fad.







How long it will last?

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I woke up around 6:00 am and I was so hungry so i decided to have my own Baith 6oma6 (Eggs with Tomatoes). For those of you who are interesting in knowing how to make baith 6oma6, below are the instructions 🙂

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It’s on King Fahad’s Highway and near Alzour’s exit.