We went today to the Men Time spa in Almuhallab mall, Me, Mishary and my 2 cousins. We booked an appointment for 4 people almost a week ahead. The spa is much smaller than the spa I reviewed last week (The Day Spa) and a step down in almost every way.

The reception area was ok. I would’ve liked it had I not been to The Day Spa first. We were greeted with a cup of herbal tea and a little warm towel. We had to fill a form coz it was our first time there, and it took some time to complete. We were led to the locker room soon afterwards. The locker room is a little area that leads to 3 other rooms; a toilet, a shower and a changing room. Since there was no way we could all go in at once to change, they had to let 2 of us go in first and then the other 2. I did not appreciate the lack of privacy.

Every one of us was then taken to his own massage room. The rooms are tiny. There is barely enough space for the masseur to move around, and even that was a struggle in some cases. The room is dimly lit with calming music being played in the background. We all took a 1 hour of ‘Medium pressure Massage’. 3 things annoyed me: 1- The hole in the massage table where my face is supposed to rest was small. My chin and my forehead suffered great deal of pressure the whole time I was facing down. 2- The massage table was small. 3- The room was small too.

When my hour was up, I wore the robe and went to the relaxing area. It is a small room with 5 sofas. They let you sit and relax after the massage and bring you some peeled apples and herbal tea. I enjoyed this part coz I liked being able to sit and relax while I regain my composure, and not to be rushed out of there immediately. It was also nice coz all 4 of us got a chance to sit, relaxed, and chat for awhile. But then again, I would’ve hated it if I were there alone and had to sit with people I don’t know.

^this room looked much better but the camera’s flash killed the picture.

After that we were led back to the locker room where we changed and headed out to pay the bill. Mine was KD22 for the 1 hour massage.

in conclusion, I liked the massaging part and enjoyed the post-massage relaxing area very much, however, the tiny spaces and the lack of privacy was a bit disappointing. The Day Spa remains the best spa I’ve tried in Kuwait so far.

The Men Time spa is located in Hawally, Almuhallab, 1sr floor.
Tel: 2625600


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  1. chika says:

    allah, I’ve always wanted to see the inside of the men’s side of it.. kinda look like ours .. I was too scared to ask them to take pics

  2. Bo 7amaD says:

    Yousef, how was the room temperature ? i thought you were going to talk about that too. When i go there its always “cold” specially with no clothes on.

  3. Yousef says:

    chika I asked the the masseur to take pictures and he was very hesitant at first, but then he agreed afterwards 🙂

    Bo 7amaD Wallah the room temperatures were good most of the time, till the end when it started to get a bit hot in there, but I figured it’s from all the rubbing.. 🙂

  4. Mohammad says:

    nice spa …

  5. Ansam says:

    yeah me too… always wondered how the men’s spa looked like… 3ad did you know inna spa time next door is the best spa for ladies here in Kuwait… at least in my opinion! I have tried other places, and its the best compared to other ones!

  6. Bo 7amaD says:

    Yousef, hahaha , yeah i can understand. Lakin what basically happens (and not only in this place) is that they cant control the AC.

    Its a shame.

    I suggest that you visit Spaloon, and try their hot black stones massage. HEAVENLY, i suggest you go there day time. Morrocan Bath also is a must! it makes you feel strangely dirty after your all cleaned up.

    If you need more information on location, just tell me. (Dont wana waste the info and review so you can have exclusivity haha)

  7. HKR says:

    3ayal lazem etjarreb el massage ele eb Hilton Mangaf ,,
    there massage is awful bss on the other hand they have an amazing water jets and aqua beds in the pool…

  8. Pure says:

    Yousef so which one do u suggest this one or The Day Spa ? cz i want to buy a gift package/voucher for my brother .. 😉

  9. INM says:

    I m thinking to do the hot black stones massage kind of interesting

  10. K says:

    rub rub rub,,, hehehe

  11. um-mit3ib says:

    maybe the hole isnt small.. maybe ur face is big;p

  12. TaLaL says:

    it’s really good I went there several times .

  13. pumkinah says:

    my bro jareba awal ma ba6al oo ygool el masaagg mal illizum is much better oo more professional .. thats his opinion
    i really like the interior design for spa time it always reminds me of thai lands spa`s 😀

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  15. PC Sharma says:

    Hi, I went to Men Time Spa, after hearing it from here. I must say Yousef is right,but It was better than PALM BEACH SPA in kuwait,Keeping the tiny space aside which is disappointing though,i liked the massage part here and enjoyed it overall and came out with satisfaction.Another reason, my lady could take spa next door ‘THE SPA’ for females and liked it very much there, which is for females.So we both utilized same time slot