Our friend got his neck hurt while playing volleyball in the chalet and we rushed him to Al Adan hospital.

The whole Adan experience was a sad one. I went in expecting the worst kind of doctors with the worst attitudes. I expected to have a bad experience as a result of incompetent staff. But that wasn’t the case.. that wasn’t the case at all. The doctors were doing their jobs to the best of their abilities and the nurses were running around to help as much as they could. I’m not going to talk about the receptionists because, simply, they do not qualify as human beings (inshallah ma3ashat’hom zaqqoom bichbood’hom) so i won’t mention them (again).

The one thing that was bringing the whole thing down.. the one thing that was wrong with the hospital (aside from the building itself) was the people. The patients and their families. As soon as we were by the doctor’s door the shoving and cutting inline started. We saw our number flash on the screen and went to the doctor to find a whole other family entering before us and taking our turn. And when they came out, another women wanted to cut inline and even had the nerve to feel offended when we refused to let her go in before we do.

When we were in the doctor’s office and our friend being diagnosed, there was atleast 5 attempts to open the door. The nurse had to lock the door.

There are always people complaining about the doctors in Kuwait and how they’re not doing their job. How they get misdiagnosed and stuff.. But now I know, in my opinion, the main cause behind such complaints.

The Kuwaiti people need to take lessons and be parented all over again before we are let out on the streets. We should go to some sort of a facility with courses where they teach us how to respect our own boundaries.. and then a whole set of other courses to teach us all about other people’s rights. How do you expect the doctor to give you a fair treatment when the nurse has to block the door by force as to not let other people in while you’re being diagnosed? How do you expect to get the doctor’s full attention when there is some idiot outside the door banging like a maniac wanting in? What goes through YOUR mind when YOU cut inline??

I think the state of Kuwait’s hospitals perfectly fits the state of it’s People’s mentality.


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20 Responses to “The State of Kuwait’s Hospitals Perfectly Fits The State Of It’s People’s Mentality”

  1. uturni says:

    You’d think Islam teachings would inspire people here to respect one another, and allow them to see worship beyond the major pillars like even in the way you treat your fellow man. I never get why it does not!

  2. Komsomol says:

    The problem is that a majority of Kuwaitis think they are privileged over everyone else and thus should get priority over everyone else. My dad works in the Hospital and he always complains that people don’t act right..

  3. Dodo says:

    Simply ” Hamaj ” !!

  4. bo9ale7 says:

    i`ve been to that hospital couple of times “allah yab3edkom 3an alshahar” and its never better. Hamaj people + careless receptionists + old building + very crowded place = one of the worst hospitals in kuwait. and as i heared from one of my friends, Al-Adan hospital has the highest death rate among other public hospitals. So i guess we know why now the poison feeding in the first picture could be one of the main reasons for death lol !

  5. purpleram says:

    Am an expat who recently moved in from Dubai. I must admit things where the same in Dubai till around five years back. But as the Emaratis began to get exposed to Westerners and Easterners, their outlook also began to change. Most Emaratis are now extremely cordial and courteous people. The Government offices and Public Departments are filled with very smart, humble hardworking Emaratis. Sort of like some of the Kuwaitis who work at NBK, very professional and graceful (atleast for GCC standards).
    I think it is just a matter of getting most Kuwaitis exposed to what others in the world do.
    This is a blessed country and its people should give it something back for good fortune showered on them. After all, God is watching.

  6. Ansam says:

    my friend was admitted and hospitalized in al adan… its worst Yousef! Patients pay visit to one another despite the fact that they dont know you or are related to you! Mayhemhom yedar3imoon bel ghoraf to socialize and visit and ask personal questions ya3ni ga66at wayh bel mokhtasar el mofeed! Mafi respect of privacy maskeena refeejty hated every moment of her stay there!!

    on another note… check my blog, you are invited 🙂

  7. Araa says:

    I agree..The similar state is prevelent at some ministries as well..a change is requires..unless that happens kuwait will never progress as the rest of the GCC countries have..

  8. MiYaFuSHi says:

    That was the case at Imbarak Hospital emergency section. Pushing and shoving etc. People crowded at the door. .I had to explain to the dr what the problem was with about 10 other people in the room.

    Frankly, I think the Doctors should refuse to take any1 unless it’s their turn. Or maybe have some kind of filtering system for the actual emergency cases. I was there for our maid life of death situation. Whilst many just had the flu.

  9. ROUDAN says:

    elgomhoor 3ayiz 3ida

  10. ROUDAN says:

    elgomhoor 3ayiz kida (sorry mistype haha)

  11. mo3ath says:

    مستشفى الاعدام ، حدث ولا حرج :\

    بس الحق ينقال الدكاتره مومقصرين اذكر لما يدي ارتفع عليه الضغط ووديته المستشفى والدكاتره ماقصروا بس كل المشكله بنوعية الناس الموجوده ، ولا لما تكون عند الدكتور وتسمع واحد يصارخ بره الباب جنه راح يموت ولما يدش يتهاوش مع الدكتور ليش مافتح له :\

    حبربش شوي عليهم

  12. Adrenaline says:

    Its the same all around the public sector, try going to any the ShoAoon at Bihbahani Complex.

  13. Amu says:

    It sad..I have lost my trust in govt hospitals!

  14. Intlxpatr says:

    At least in the photos, things look clean. I see a nurse wearing a face mask, a patient covered with a blanket.

    I visited a patient in a hospital with many problems, including MRSA. There was a tiny sign saying everyone had to be gowned, masked and gloved, but there were no gowns, masks or gloves and the hospital people popped in and out without gowning, masking or gloving . . .

    MRSA contributed to my father’s death, so I was HORRIFIED.

  15. Sarah says:

    Fantastic post!

  16. مساعد says:

    Change We Need .. Barak Obama

  17. fkj says:

    THANK U MAN!! bullseye!! 9ii yebtha yeeeb, BULLSYEYE!! o basically u cant refuse seeing a pt just cuz its not his/her turn cuz seriously they will pick up a fight with u, and i mean LITERALLY a fight.. o eley ebi6 elchabd ina there r some pt who just sooo polite n soooo appreciated and everything which makes the doctor LITERALLY run that extra mile for him/her. so why the hell not all of them r like that. fine I dont want any one to appreciate doctors its their job but at least RESPECT THEM for god sake!! in q8 we have the smartest q8ty doctors, and trust me when i say it. imagine in amiri hospital, the most civilized hospital, a family member came to the ICU at 2 AM n wanna see the pt so of course we refused!! its not a visiting hour at 2 AM! plus its the ICU for god sake!! so he literally scream n hit the the security man!!

  18. Pure says:

    couldn’t have described it with better precision ..!

    Thank u for bringing up the subject .

  19. Bu Yousef says:

    Firstly Salamaat.. Ma tshofoon shar.

    This is a sad reflection of who we are. All of us in Kuwait.

    I love the idea of retraining everyone. I imagine sailing us all out on a big cruise ship (where no-one will respect the other and many fights will break out) and small boats will bring us back family after family. This is of course after completing our training on Garoah Island, and passing the necessary tests (no wasta!)… Those who don’t pass will be jailed in Adan Hospital 🙂

    Good post.

  20. Bo 7amaD says:

    Ma itshofoon shar and ofcourse (x 10000) i agree with you. I must say i burst out laughing when i read this line and i really felt it coming out from your heart

    “What goes through YOUR mind when YOU cut inline??”

    AMAZING !!