Viva’s located near fono’s.

Thanks loco.


This entry was posted on Tuesday, October 21st, 2008 at 12:03 am

4 Responses to “Viva and X-Cite soon in Marina mall”

  1. Pure says:

    what is x-cite ?
    and at last im waiting for viva .. hope they will offer decent services 😉


  2. may says:

    إلكترونيات الغانم = X-cite


  3. Pure says:

    thanks may 😉 i googled it and i came to know that it is a large format multi-brand electronics retail chain in India .. :)


  4. Teeman says:

    OMG!!! that viva sign looks so shiny and cool….VIVA is officially the new “shit” ! Yay!


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