You’d think someone would’ve noticed or spellchecked before going ahead with it… hmm, come to think of it, the wrong spelling got it even more exposure! 💡


This entry was posted on Monday, November 17th, 2008 at 3:13 am

6 Responses to “For Ront… Really?”

  1. K says:

    Listen up K I gave you many chances.. your time in this site is up. Every comment you’ll make from now on will go directly to spam. Bye and good riddance :)



  2. Pure says:

    Loool .. Well what if that was intended :p

    @k Lmao :p


  3. LULU says:



  4. Fawaz says:

    il thahhir ta7assaf 3alla il Banner .. 😛

    2nd … zain itsawii ma33a hatha the one with a small (k) .. kil marra agra his comment … a7tar 3alai .. ma a7tar minaa .. Becoz he is too small like his letter :)
    maskeeen :/


  5. Bu Yousef says:

    Renting by day now??
    Is Brookfast included? :)


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