Just noticed that KNCC has changed their web site.


Thanks Ahmad


This entry was posted on Thursday, November 20th, 2008 at 1:34 pm

3 Responses to “KNCC Re-Designed”

  1. Uturn says:

    Not even this improvement will stop my boycott of this sorry disgraceful sorry-excuse for a cinema.

    Instead of this you should blog about how to plan your own 7.1 DTS/HD home cinema as a current trend for serious movie goers … mine is in progress at our basement! moahahaha

  2. Die-Na-Mite says:

    Uturn lucky you… If I had space, I would have done that myself. I am happy though they finally changed the template. I hated that hideous sound that made me jump everytime I moved my cursor on the tabs.

  3. moviecrazy says:

    Wow! thaz an awesome website KNCC has made.
    kudos to KNCC and the guys who has worked behined this.