A lot of you guys have been waiting for Xperia A.K.A. X1 to get released in Kuwait and now the wait is over. My friend just got it and sent me the picture above. It’s available in silver in all of the Barak Center branches. It costs KD275.

Their phone # 1-833-777 ext. 123

Thanks Taymoor.


Taken from Time Out Dubai:

“This really will be a unique event for the city with a lineup of stars certain to thrill the crowds. We are looking forward to hosting this unforgettable encounter at the newly constructed Emirates sports venue, The Sevens”

Tickets will be available online from November 16 through Timeout Tickets while retail sales will start on December 3 at Costa Coffee and MMI outlets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Dnata offices and Virgin stores in Dubai as well as at The Sevens Ground.

AC Milan’s Emirates-sponsored Winter Training Camp will run from December 29 this year to January 7 2009, with their clash against Hamburg SV taking place on Tuesday, January 6. Kickoff will be at 7pm at Emirates’ sports venue, The Sevens, on the Al Ain Road.

Ticket prices are: AED 100 for adults and AED 50 for children under 12.




I think no one here dont know “Tomkyari sadeeqo.” Now here we have the original clip where they sampled the whole thing for the infamous kuwaiti operetta “Bsa6 Alfagur.”

Thanks Om MiMi!


This is a cake Mom ordered from a woman who bakes and sell her homemade cakes.

I thought the cake was nice and light. Others thought it was just an average but heavy cake. It tasted like a plain saralee cake (can be found in every co-op) filled with jam and whipped cream. The cream tasted nice and unique in my opinion. I haven’t tasted a whipping cream this nice in Kuwait before. The raspberry jam complemented the overall simplicity of the cake and made it feel like I was eating something healthy for a change. (I know jam is filled with sugar but it felt healthy!)
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Just got some insider information that Zain will be introducing soon their new internet speed connection which doubles the current speed to 14.4 Mbps. It should give you an average download speed of 1800 kb/s which is more than double the speed of our current one, however it will be more expensive. They told me it will be in KD30’s range and the 7.2 Mbps will cost less but the speed will remain the same. I don’t have any idea if the 14.4 Mbps will be unlimited or limited in bandwidth.

Thanks Ali.


I just placed my order with Amazon which contains the folowing:


Canon EF-S 55-250mm ( I will try this lens for the first time but i read about it a lot of positive comments)

Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro ( This lens is a MUST! )

Sigma 10-20mm ( I tried Yousef’s lens which was AMAZING ! and also i’ve tried Ahmad’s Canon wide angle one but i liked the Sigma one coz it bend the objects less than the Canon plus it cost less.)


Canon Lens Hood

Bounce Diffuser

Canon Remote Switch

Gorillapod SLR-Zoom Flexible Tripod

Anyway i just want to thank Ahmad & Yousef for letting me use their Lenses 🙂




You’d think someone would’ve noticed or spellchecked before going ahead with it… hmm, come to think of it, the wrong spelling got it even more exposure! 💡





Just found that our co-op is has gone to the next level with price tags 😛 just scan your product and it will show you the price.

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We went to Alwafra on friday where our friend rented horses for us to ride for an hour around the farm. As much as I don’t care for horses, I ended up having fun and the hour went by pretty quickly. Right after that we went to Alwafra’s veggies Market. It was more like the friday market where everything is being sold from animals to plants to veggies.

I’ll let the pictures speak for the rest of the post now.

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In think this is the weirdest USB Flash on earth! its look like also a hacked USB flash drive cable, however it gets a 2 GB capacity.

Moreover,its USB 2.0 with 1.1 backwards compatibility which supports Mac, Windows and Linux.

It going to cost you around KD13.5, if you wish to order it click HERE


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ANM took some pictures of a starbucks event taking place in Mishref’s pathway (What do they call it? in arabic it’s mamsha). The guy told her that they’re going to be in new a new place every week offering free coffees and stuff. Next week it’s somewhere in salmiyah.

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No idea why.


I think this is the most beautiful Swiss knife ! 🙂

Want some ? you can order it from HERE it will cost you around 1 KD/Piece.

Thanks Ahmad


The stock market (borsa) tradings was stopped and closed by a court order just 10 minutes ago. Every TV station broadcasted the news even before the actual closure. it’s going to be closed till the 17th of this month.

Keep checking for updates on the matter.

Thanks Fawaz.




It is a healthy juice bar where there are no sweeteners or sugars added. It’s all natural and it’s all being blended right in front of you. It’s got branches all over the UK and now open in Kuwait (soog sharq’s food court) and Dubai.

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It’s going to be in Gust university on 12-13 of november between 9am-4pm. I think I’m gonna go tomorrow and have a look.

Thanks Khalid.


We received an email from the owner of Wok Master some time ago to try out the restaurant, and we kept postponing it till we finally decided to give it a try yesterday. Me, Mishary and INM tried so hard to find the place! We went up and down the street twice and had to call them once and then finally found it by accident.

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He REALLY loves Obama 🙂



It will be inside Mishref’s co-op near the Nut Tree.


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Just found these in our co-op .. Everything look ok till now right? 🙂

Check out that its made by his mother el7ajeya ! 😛 Hatha aham shay ! 😛

Thanks INM