This video may be a bit old but I keep going back to watch every now and then. This guy’s voice and his ability to change tones amazes me. Listen closely at 1:00. Absolutely amazing!


Was searching in Crocs’ online store and found this in the FAQs…. NO COMMENT! 😛

You can check it yourself.


Sulaiman and Khalid went to Alkhiran resort and bought us some Bajilla, Nikhy, Ash, cheese, spinach and zaatar sandwiches and some freshly baked iranian bread. It was a goood heavy breakfast. I’m gonna fast for the rest of the day 🙂
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A set of Barrack Obama Election Night photos which is published on Flickr.

You can see them by clicking HERE.

Thanks Ahmad.


Yes finally KDD decided to lower their prices.

Thanks INM





Just spotted ANNA SUI in the Avenues phase II.

P.S. This is one of the brands that I knew after my marriage 🙂

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I dont know if this is new or not but INM sent me this today. Now you can watch whatever you want (Movies, TV, football matches and video games) in an HD private cinema which consists of just 12 seats. You can even have a selection of food and beverages such as Casper & Gambini’s Catering.

As seen above there are two types of booking times. You can book by calling 25720945.


Starbucks’ Christmas special is back. I tried it last year for the first time and I really liked it.. oh and I just love the thing they sprinkle on top. Extra sprinkles for me. Always extra sprinkles for me! 😀


Long time ago i was looking for an all in one remote control to get rid off my 4+ remote controls, then a few days ago me & Ali went to Hawali and we spotted Best Buy (the Kuwaiti version), it was the first time for me in Best Buy KWT. I liked it, it was well organized with an up to date gadgets i even saw a variety of Logitech’s Universal Remotes.

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We’ve completed our first year in the blogosphere. It’s been an extraordinary year for Me and Mishary. We’d love to thank you all for the love and support.

We wanted to make some changes to the theme for this occasion, but that proved to be impossible since me and Mishary we both suck at designs and graphics.. But thanks to Ahmad, we managed to do a tiny beautiful change. We changed the background color to black. I thought that was a nice facelift (If you can’t see it, then you should hold the shift key and click refresh). I hope you all like it, coz to be honest, thats the only change you’re going to see for a loong time 😀

We’ve also added Ad spaces on the right. If you want to place your ad in one of the boxes feel free to contact us.

Again, thank you guys for this past amazing year. We appreciate all the help we’ve been getting from all of you guys. We really do.


I read in Mark’s blog about Abdel Wahab restaurant which will be opening in place of Fuddruckers. As i was passing by I noticed it and took some pictures.

I went to Abdel Wahab restaurant when I was in lebanon and i enjoyed it.. I hope it will be just as good. Knowing my kuwaiti people, I probably wont get a chance to try it out till a good six months after the opening 🙂


The branch between AlFanar mall and AlBustan mall has car service now. Rejoice!

Thanks loco.




For those of you who are nearly out of space in there houses, i think this will help you a lot. It iss simply a rotating wheel which stores up to 30 pairs of shoes.

Here you can see it in action. You can order it by contacting Alsanaa at or call (965) 9-9406613 OR you can order it directly from thier site by clicking HERE.

Thanks ANM




My cousin got married yesterday. I can’t believe it.. and I’m sure most of our relatives and friends can’t picture him married either! 😛
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Yesterday when i was at my in law’s house, 9K2HN brought these mini cupcakes. At first I was thinking that Crumbs paid much attention to appearances and how to make tiny cupcakes and was skeptic about how’s the taste gonna live up to the presentation, but when I took a bite I was amazed at how tasty they were.

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Weather forecast by Mishaal Al Roomi:

Clouds are gradually starting to increase today with light to moderate NW winds. During this evening, the skies will turn overcast with rain arriving and affecting most areas. Rain intensity could be heavy and thundery at times. Please take all necessary pre-cautions of this upcoming scenario.

Tomorrow, Monday, the weather will be gloomy and dark with rain that at times will be heavy and persistent associated with thunderstorms. Rainfall amounts are expected to be high with local flooding possible. It will be a very unstable day.

Rainfall amounts will be above average. The chance of rain will continue to early Thursday with the worst of the rainfall between Monday and Tuesday

Please take caution while driving because it will be hazerdous. All outdoor activities should be cancelled. Ofcourse, any sea activity is strictly not advised.

Temperatures will decline to leave the weather cold.

Source: Q8Weather.

Thanks Fawaz.


The sunset was absolutely gorgeous yesterday I had to stop the car and take some pictures.

^Click on the picture for a bigger version.


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Yes its camels milk used in chocolates. Don’t ask why but Dubai decided to enter the chocolate world with a new idea based on camel’s milk. I think they got inspired by our song “Our camel lovely camel …”  if your interested, just click the link below to continue reading and also placing an order with them, and if not just stop here 🙂

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