Its available in every Zain branch starting today for KD195. It supports arabic and also comes with arabic keyboard.

Thanks Ahmad





We were sitting in the shalaih bored and HKR was telling me about this technique where you can turn off the lights and start taking pictures of yourself drawing pictures in the dark using a flashlight.. (come again?) take a look.
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Just Spotted this on Vaja’s web site, so it means its coming VERY soon.

You can check it out by yourself by clicking HERE





I received an email forward from my aunt yesterday, it was written in arabic and it went something like this:

Tommy Helfiger, the famous designer, is racist and he hates Arabs, Jews, Hispanics..etc, and that he wishes none of the aforementioned races would buy his clothes, And then the email went on to say that Tommy was hosted on the Oprah show and she asked him whether the rumor was true or not and He blatantly answered “Yes” as in the rumor is true, and then Oprah asked him to leave her show.

Naturally, after reading it I went to Youtube to see this victorious moment. And guess what? It turned out to be just a BIG Fat Lie. just another rumor that’s been circulating for years. Oprah had him on the show over a year ago and they talked about the rumor and set the record straight. I know a lot of people would fall for it coz I did for a moment there, so check the video yourself and stop this email from spreading. Watch the video HERE.





Taken from the club:

Create. Relate. Communicate: Fun Club!

This community would be built through an interactive website where students register and become active members of the website. Once a member, students can enjoy the different value propositions, participate in events and take advantage of many opportunities that will help create a unique student experience with Zain.
Fun Club aims at building strong brand awareness and brand loyalty with the youth segment of Kuwait, incorporating students with Zain’s brand values. It is the starting point of a one-on-one relationship with our youth, which is intended to be strengthened in the future as more insights will be collected from the students themselves.

FUN Club Mission:
Fun Club is about engaging active students with Zain by providing them community space, opportunities and special value propositions that will benefit both their university experience as well as Zain as a company.

For more information and to register, visit Zain’s Fun Club.


Our friends decided it was time for them to get to know the sharks a little better, so they went to the scientific center’s aquarium, signed some release forms (stating that the center won’t be held responsible if anything goes wrong), put on their diving gears and then dove right in. Me & HKR were there to document the experience with our cameras, you know, incase something interesting happens…
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Yesterday my father brought us some double yolked eggs and it was the first time I see them, they were huge!

I managed to crack the egg and take a peek at the two yolks.

The eggs fate was decided by Mom.. thats why they ended up contributing to her sub algafshas (kuwaiti dessert). 😛



Thanks INM





Very nice game to waste some time. You can be creative with new solutions to every level. Try it out HERE




Jelaaaas Means Cup and Feeeels means Fils 🙂

Thanks INM




Who’s the winner in this case? 😛




“It’s an old clip, but the message is universal and still actual.” – Marcel (who sent us the clip to post).

Merry Christmas y’all! 🙂

We wish all of our christian friends a very merry Christmas and a great new year!


Charming-79 wrote an amazing post about this site that offer the whole Qur’an in flash for you to read. The flash is very well done and the page-flipping is very realistic. For the non-Arabic readers, you are not left out, all the meanings are translated to english too.

Check it out HERE.

Source: Charming-79


Wataniya just announced that if you’re calling anyone within Wataniya’s network ( i mean Wataniya to Wataniya) it will be free of charges. which is similar to Viva’s.


It seems its a rumor and the real one is something called  WPro-Voice which is Free calls among colleagues which is one of the tools for business.

Thanks Ansam


I just ate like 4 or 5 cookies (the ones above) from Fudz and while eating them I was asking my self which one is the best cookies in Kuwait? so far I ended up with Fudz’s and choowy goowy’s .. and want to know which is your favorite guys?


“You are all cordially invited to attend FIVE60’s first Flea Market featuring handcrafts and arts, anime cartoonist, fashion & accessories, gardening & nurseries, food vendors (candy + pancakes + desserts + corndogs) and more.

The market is held on December 26th – 27th from 4:00PM to 10:00PM in FIVE60 HQ @ Al Rawada – Block 5 – St 60 – House #4.

For more information please give us a buzz +965 9785 3033 or drop us an email

FIVE60 Group”

via email from Ansam


Is it true that the whole area where slider station, Burger Hub and prime & toast are located is getting demolished? Clearly the shops closer to the central bank have been evacuated already.. are they next?

Thanks Fawaz

Update Mark wrote about the topic some time ago and got the following response from the owners of slider station & pink moon: “According to the owners of Slider Station and Pink Moon, their building will not be demolished”


I enjoy listening to Christmas songs a lot, and because I’m not Christian, the songs for me aren’t necessarily seasonal, I can listen to them all year long. I mean, I don’t listen to them all year long, that would be overdosing, but when I do put on a song, I don’t wanna stop listening. They’re soothing and calming.

My absolute favorite classic Christmas song has to be O Holy Night, Mariah’s version, which is in my opinion the ultimate version for the song. Another song on Mariah’s Christmas album ‘Jesus oh what a wonderful child’ is also one of my favorites. I especially like her singing toward the end when she let it rip with some very soulful vocals. Other classic song sung by Whitney that I like is joy to the world, very nice rendition, she sung it for her 96 soundtrack, the preacher’s wife, and thank God she did coz her voice back then was still in a good shape for this genre of music. Then there are the famous ones like Nat Coles’ The Christmas song and Evlis’ Blue Christmas… among others.

So anyway.. do you like Christmas songs? What are your favorites?



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The English Tea Lounge is going to open up a branch soon, by the Sheraton, in the avenues.

Thanks HBZ