We were back last friday and saturday at Althuba3iya’s mini runway and this time there were some new planes there. I was most excited to see them fly the Private Jet, the Cessna Citation, which after some googling turned out to be a real private jets’ company. Ali Mashinchy was there too, I was told He is a very famous and one of the best jet pilots out there and that he’d won some major awards doing this. We were blown away by his skills as soon as he started flying those jets. He put quite a show on.


^He won some major award with this plane recently. It was very fast.

^ Ali Mashinchy

^Amazing color on that plane

^Part of the audience 😛

^ well… yeah… Don’t ask 😛

If you’re interested in RC planes then have a look in Ali Machinchy’s website.

Most pictures were taken by Sulaiman.


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4 Responses to “Ali Mashinchy & RC Planes in ALThuba3iya”

  1. Is it possible to get flying lessons there? Or at least to try it out once for a day? Also, are there any women that go there (I want to try out flying).

  2. i don't think it's requierd says:

    nice pic
    it seems like a real plan in some photo
    i like your new camera

  3. Airbus.Captain says:

    i used to fly these RC planes back in 1996-2000 when i was in the high school, i got a proper training from an excellent instructer ( a kuwaiti guy works as a ticketing officer in the airport).since i fly the airbus as my job, i have no time to fly these little ones.

    is it possible to know where is this place, i really want to see these small jets in action, or if there is any event coming up soon that i can attend ?

    thanks in advance … Mohammad

  4. Bin-Fahad says:

    yes ive seen them twice last weekend AMAZING WALA