My cousin recommended this new restaurant and said it specializes in Kuwaiti food. I gave it a try.

It arrived after 45 minutes as promised. I ordered 1 Muchboos Laham and 1 Shabzi stew. Speaking of shabzi.. I’ve been looking around Kuwait for a good marag shabzi but I haven’t come across a really good one yet. All of the shabzis I’ve tried weren’t so good.. any recommendations??

Anyway, The packaging was nice and the food looked very appetizing (much better than the pictures you’re seeing).

The muchboos laham.. The rice was cooked nicely, not hard and not soft, the meat was very tender too, but when I started eating I couldn’t taste a thing. There was no flavor. The rice was flavorless and had nothing to do with the meat, no muchboos flavor whatsoever. I think they use this rice for all their dishes and thats why it was bland. The meat was such a waste, I thought it was of a good quality. It looked very good and was very tender but then again had nothing to do with muchboos laham. I hate it when Kuwaiti restaurants do that, cooking everything separately to save time and money.

The Shabzi stew (Again it looked much better than the picture above) Did it look like a marag shabzi? Yes. Did it taste like marag shabzi? NO. It was awful and one of the lamest shabzis I’ve ever tried. It had too much lemon in it that it overpowered everything else.

The 2 things I liked were their fast delivery and the garnish on top of the muchboos laham (7asho).

I don’t recommend this restaurant.

It’s located in Aljabriya. I don’t have it’s phone number at the moment coz I threw the brochure as soon as I was done with the disappointing meal.


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17 Responses to “Bait Ladan Restaurant”

  1. DVLz says:

    It is “Sabzi” not “Shabzi” and “Sala6ah” is not the same as some people call it “Zala6ah”. Oh btw the Categories section on the right the fancy looking one is actually not that helpful. I think the older one is much better as you can tell how many posts in each category. I was going to check the numbers of posts in the food section as it is increasing in the past few months, you guys are definitely FAAAAT 😛

  2. Raz 7 says:

    Well, first bel 3afya ..:), I don’t think that there is any place that is better than my mom’s shabzi .. YUMMY .. but try Kabab al Hujjah you might like it..
    Good Luck

  3. 7anTooSH says:

    Yousef tara mo kel machboos methel machboos baitna fa 3ady 😛

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  5. Purgatory says:

    I thought it was bait Laden! you scared me!

  6. Ansam says:

    I find it hard to order/eat Kuwaiti food from a restaurant! a7es lazim home cooked hehehehe

    I am not a big fan of shabzi cuz I am not into cooked veggies/herb mixed! but my sister likes the one in Shahrayar – Sheraton

  7. neoark25 says:


    i wanna try that 😀

  8. q80thug says:

    a good sabzi should be have a plenty of kidney beans and meat but not so much, also when served it should have on top a good amount of oil, so dark/green that it feels like you’ve been served a bowl of oil instead. lol

    my suggestion is to try: baba tahir restaurant, located in kuwait city sharg, the complex in hilali street that is before the petrol station (both are in front of al sawabir residential complex), park behind the complex and go upstairs passing the salafi restaurant ‘king of the grill’ 😛

    dont forget to end the meal with a nice pomegranate syrup topped falooda !

  9. abod says:

    Try Khan Salar for sabzi, its better to pre-order.

  10. Q8GEEK says:

    I wonder why did I even read it “Bait Laden”… I was hoping to see some bin laden themed restaurant 😛

  11. somechick says:

    Yousef i recommend Naz
    their sabzi is good; it’s our lunch today ;p


  12. c'est la vie says:

    bel 3afia , i second abod try khan salar Sabzi with their rice ,Om 3ali she is in charge their and i think she is the one that cooks .Tel :25619922 near Al fonnon center

  13. Anxious Nut says:

    well I say none of the written above, I say STOP TALKING ABOUT FOOD!!! you’re freaking me out!!

  14. Cherry says:

    I hear the Sabzi in Babek is pretty good. give it a try

  15. neoark25 says:

    q8geek, i did same thing >.>;

  16. Zabo0o6a says:

    The ownder of this restaurant owns the diner next door as well , wok n’ roll .

  17. alanoud says:

    yah khan salar shabzi is the best