I heard the one in Kuwait international fairs ground (arth alma3areth) went very nicely and had lots of good feedback from thee people for the way it was handled and organized. But looking at the pictures above (I don’t know which branch) I can’t help but think.. Is it really worth it?? going through all that!? I mean look at the employees! 

Thanks INM


This entry was posted on Sunday, December 14th, 2008 at 12:41 am

12 Responses to “Did You Get Your VIVA Number ?”

  1. Airbus.Captain says:

    I got an sms from them 2nd dec 9 o’clock in the morning to collect from the airport branch.
    went there around 12 in the after noon same day..and we were around 5 customers in the queue…i was done in around 15 mins…

    same day in the evening, a friend of mine was around number 200 in queue in the marina mall.he said that he was done after 3 hours !

  2. TaLaL says:

    mo 9ij 8) .. aham shy eli wagf 3ala al6awla in the 2nd picture

  3. Sou says:

    Goodness! I don’t think there’s one woman in those pictures!

    I’ve got to pick mine up, but those pictures are a total turn-off! :/

  4. Viva SIM Card Collection…

    I went to collect a Viva SIM card after receiving an SMS requesting me to go to the Mishref Showrooms (Ard Al-Ma3ari’6), but it was incredibly crowded.

    The place was packed with people. Especially foreign workers.

    It was obvious that gettin…

  5. neoark25 says:

    i picked mine from salyil jahra, no za7ma, whatsoever

  6. bbq8 says:

    These two pictures were taken at the Kuwait International Fair Grounds… Ask me, I was there!

  7. Khalid says:

    That’s the entrance of Kuwait fair ground branch. I think the guy whose standing is one of the security personal not a Viva staff.

    I went there last Sunday to collect my line, it wasn’t crowded at all. Very well organized.

  8. Ansam says:

    SHEESH!!! claustrophobia! I think I would faint :-S

  9. Cloudy Stars says:

    il9ara7a im considering switching, i’ve had it enough with wa6aniya:S

  10. Uturn says:

    this picture was nothing compared to when i went. There were cops at the doorways stopping the charging crowds and beating them with sticks (Like in protests)!!!!

    I only came to get my chip! gilt killish ma teswa and left.

  11. Ali says:

    wala VIVA ya VIVA .. ako sha59 fe a7ad el blogat .. 3are`6 5a6 VIVA lelbee3 o yabla 1300 KD !! o a9lan el contract ly one year !! shlon bebe3a madre .. yemkn a7lam el yaqa`6a .. or y3esh awhaam w5yaal 😛

  12. tony says:

    im lookin to get the viva mobile broadband offer (7.2mbps) wich will expire on 31st jan (3 days from now) . Has anyony taken up the offer? if yes than i urgenty require anyones reviews on it.The proposed speed (7.2mbps) should give a download speed of about 900KB/s (7.2/8)