Ali just spotted an elevator parking near Villa Fairoz.

It was actually under testing and not officially launched. I remembered i saw this one when i was in Tokyo in 2004 and it took us 4 years to get this technology to Kuwait. I think a 4 years lag is not that much looking at the gap in technology between Kuwait and Japan 🙂

Thanks Ali


Ali also capture it in motion .. Thanks again 🙂

Incase the video isn’t working, you can check it out HERE.


This entry was posted on Friday, December 5th, 2008 at 1:16 am

15 Responses to “Elevator Parking Available in Kuwait”

  1. daggero says:

    i saw it in Tochyo 20 years ago , but this one is ugly ,
    first they need to build a shed around it , then after a while stop the use of the top part for parking and covert it to more apartments or offices or a clinic , After that stop the use of the bottom part for parking and convert it to bakala , barbershop and Chinese restaurant . what do you think ???

  2. forza says:

    eh ? Honda Agent in Kuwait was selling that for some time , i believe two or three years , i saw it when i was buying a Honda for the house

  3. MacaholiQ8 says:

    Forza’s right, saw it long ago at Honda dealership.

    It takes time to upload and download the car which is not good when someone’s in a hurry.

  4. Pure says:

    I don’t have the guts to keep my car in there X |

  5. Ansam says:

    Interesting!!! I never thought it would be in Kuwait anytime soon to begin with hehehe so the lag of four years is impressive to me 😀

  6. SimPliCitY says:

    What if it was fully packed and one of the cars on top raw wants to exit?

    how does it work then?

  7. Err…That kinda looks like bo-6agga @@

  8. Sim, you push hard on the gas pedal and shoot off flying to the ground floor. Either that or there’s a button for each spot to descend.

  9. Delly says:

    i think its for Cherry’s agent,, if u notice its located in the ground floor of this building,, ive seen it when i was getting out of the gym!

  10. Amjad says:


    Do you have to bring all cars down if you’re on top and want to exit ?

  11. Bu Yousef says:

    Horrible… Looks ugly and when the Chinese cheap version comes out you will see it outside every house replacing kirby car-ports. Delete the post, don’t give people ideas 🙂

  12. El'Berk says:

    al mutawa3 wal qathi honda .. are the dealers for this service .. you can see it in their service shop or even in the owners houses XD .. its amazing and relatively cheap

  13. brownsuger says:

    hummm…. looks soooo ausom in the video …. thanks for the link