This is my my first attempt of drop shooting .. I shot these pics with my macro lens but i didnt expect it to be at this level of difficulty. I got these two pictures out of almost 80+ pics! any suggestion ?


This entry was posted on Thursday, December 11th, 2008 at 12:01 am

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  1. Abdullah says:

    Good try Mishary, however its clearly out of focus shot. I know it is very hard, but I recommend you set the focus on manual to have a better focus of the drop. First, setup your dropper in the preferred position, go back to your camera and do tune the focus until you get a sharp shot of the drop then just monitor the drops. One more thing, use a high shutter speed. You’ll have a problem in lighting therefore you have to use flash. Although its not necessary, I would recommend using an external flash unit 😉

    this is my first try of shooting water drops.

    let me know what do u think 🙂

    Ooh , one thing to mention that professional photographers always use an automatic trigger to have very precise timing in shooting drops. check this out



  2. Mishary says:

    Abdullah WOW mashalah !! la ana taw el nas 3alay tawnaa 7aba 7aba im in my first steps 🙂 and i do use the manual focus bs the problem was “setup your dropper in the preferred position” <---- shino kent testakhdem as dropper ? ana kent astakhdem ga6ra o bedeeey aga6er fa kel mara tekoon eb position ! thats why its out of focus 🙂

  3. Abdullah says:

    Mishary : yam3awad i was using 7anafeyat el ma6bakh lol 😛
    tadrey 3zoobi o kent abroad so I had much time to try things out 😛

    basically I did the following, I placed jedr 9’3ayer “silver coloured” o tarsah may .. o 7a66ah ta7at el 7anafeya o im’7ally el 7anafeya tga66e 3ala eljedr…

    6ab3an ana tares el jedr to have more vibrations, which can be clearly observed in my photo.

    if you need more crisp looking, but harder shoot, you can place a plate instead of el jedr. el plate can’t hold much water so the drop and vibrations will quickly disappear.

    good luck 😉

  4. Abdullah says:

    you could use an automatic triggering kit to produce more professional looking photos, you can order it here

    http://www.quaketronics.com/ <– this is a beginner’s kit
    http://crackpotinventor.com/photo/camctlr.html <– for more creative work

    you can find very good examples of what I am talking about in the following link:


  5. Even though its out of focus, it still looks nice! Surreal…almost and not very realistic which is an effect in itself. I’m gonna try the 7anafiya experiment abdullah mentioned once i get a Macro lens.

  6. Mishary says:

    Miss-Informed Thanks 🙂

  7. Wilson says:

    Looking for other serious photographers to meet up with.
    Does anyone know of a photography group here in Kuwait?