I got this via email so I don’t know how true it is and when they’ll start using them in Kuwait:

“There is a new road tracking system on Dubai Roads. These are not just nicer looking radar cameras – they are a lot more lethal, so be careful.

First thing is that these cameras do not flash. They can take photos in complete darkness through ultra-light sensors, so even if it does not flash, it could have caught you. They also automatically read your number plate from the picture taken.

Now, comes the thing that catches most people. These cameras are continuous photo-taking cameras and they will take your photo regardless if you have been speeding or not. Then the next camera in 3-5 kms again does the same. Now, instead of checking your speed through advanced radars, these cameras are very simple and all they do is calculate how fast you traveled between the 2 cameras. If you arrived at the next camera faster than 120 km/h (or whatever the speed limit is) then you get fined.”

Thanks Tariq.



This entry was posted on Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008 at 12:12 pm

16 Responses to “New Radar Cameras”

  1. Evil Knievel says:

    Please Kuwait … don’t introduce them! 🙂

  2. i wont make it to chalet if they use those radars 🙁

  3. Fawaz says:

    okh ,,, alah yaster ,,, laa billah ri7nna :;p

  4. Shamsa says:

    Yes, I’m living in Dubai and have seen these radars. I uploaded a PDF file for you here:

    regarding this radar. (downloadable within 7 days from the date of this comment). It can take pictures of your face as well as of the car, and can fine you if you’re not wearing a seatbelt, for example, and etc. Some people break right before this radar then speed after it, and what they don’t know is that this radar has a camera at the front and back and will catch you either way. So you can’t play with this radar…

  5. Hellraiser says:

    This is absolutely correct, I have encountered these deamons on emirates road, place at a distance of 500 meters, I heard that on the first day a guy in a porsche managed 12,000DHS in fines. Lovely

  6. Ahmad says:

    The way I see it, with the old cameras if you’re speeding when you reach them then you’re caught. But with the new ones, once you pass the first one you can slow down and pass the second one at slower speed and you’ll get away with it. That’s if they work as described.

  7. Evil Knievel says:

    i think it will catch you in two ways …
    either for speeding in front of one of them OR if you speed between two of them and have an average speed between the two of over 120 …

    BTW … remeber the cameras they set up at Gulf Road in Salwa?!? What ever happened with these?? Could they possibly be doing the same thing?!?

  8. LULU says:


  9. dalal says:

    Nooh Nooh Nooh !!! 🙁 mlaqaaa i hate em’ SOO much lol !

  10. iLSuL6ana says:

    Inshallaaaaaaa yaa raaaaaab myeboon-hom! we7na nag9eeeeeeeeN!

  11. U2 says:

    They will be used to detect and trace wanted vehicles too!


  12. kwt23 says:

    This is perfect for Kuwait. People will hate these cameras, but i think it’s best so they can stop those crazy bastards that blitz on roads at 180Km/hr speeds!!

  13. Dee says:

    although i really REALLY hate them o this means ill never be ontime again bs thats smart o really usefull ;p

  14. Mathai says:

    As if that’s going to stop speeding ! 🙁

  15. Lars says:

    Guys, you believe everything ppl tell you… Seriously poor. These are normal Ka-Band cams. And no porsche has been fined 12000… do some research before posting such crap.

  16. um-mit3ib says:

    ninti7ir a7san ?