I was reading Buzberry’s blog and found out a spy photos of the upcoming Nissan Patrol (semi Land Cruiser) which will be released soon. I don’t think its the best time for the people to be released these days since most the people are out of cash 🙂 .. for more pictures click below. 

Update: It seems Mark also posted about it.


I love their logo.

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Rejoice AC Milan fans! lots of money and publicity coming your way! 😉

Excerpts taken from Channel 4:

David Beckham spoke of his “dream come true” at Milan in a long interview with Sky Italia presenter Ilaria D’Amico.

“Without a doubt this is a dream come true,” he said of the move to the Rossoneri from LA Galaxy on loan until March 9.

“I am aware it’s a difficult situation, as I have been following Milan’s recent games closely. I could’ve played right away, but it is only normal that in a squad there are injuries and I can be among the replacements.

“I think this is an opportunity for me to play with Milan and share the success and history of this great side.

“It is also true that in a team like this you need to do your best and it’s only natural there would be pressure around me and the whole side, but people are different all over the world and in each country.

“I don’t know what the pressure will be like in Italy. I worked with Manchester United and all the pressure generated around that, the same happened in Madrid. I just want a good experience, to see what atmosphere there is in the stadium and that’ll give me real encouragement.”

“I’ll enjoy myself and all, but I will then return to Los Angeles,” said the midfielder when asked by D’Amico if he would stay for longer than three months.

“Victoria has always liked Milan as a city and comes here for the fashion week. We’re staying here for three months. That’s it.”


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Yesterday Me & friends decided to have a BBQ night at my place so me and Ali headed to butchers street in Hawalli. We ordered and picked the raw meat and went back home, started at 8:00 and were done around 1:00 pm. Will keep you with the pics and if you want the butcher’s number i can give it to you if you want. We liked the meat and his seasoning (Tatbelaa).

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It’ll start it’s operations in Jan 2009 with one destination which is Dubai.

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Picture taken recently on a Kuwait-lebanon flight. (wayid yaybeen ilyehda 😛 )

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Orange announced that the iPhone 3G are in stores now in Jordan. For the details and info about the contracts click below.

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There was a KDD stand in our co-op yesterday and the woman there was telling us about this new Gaimar (Thick cream) they’re introducing, it’s called Nojoud. The brand KDD isn’t written on the cover but is mentioned that it’s produced by them on the side of the box. We tried it and it turned to be very tasty. I’m not a fan of Gaimar, but since it wasn’t as thick and strong as their other golden packed gaimar, I really liked it. You could eat it with a spoon.


I first read about the new Burger king sliders (mini burgers) from Mark and decided to try them out today. Let me tell you that I was disgusted when I opened the box and took a closer look at the “sliders.”

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My cousin recommended this new restaurant and said it specializes in Kuwaiti food. I gave it a try.

It arrived after 45 minutes as promised. I ordered 1 Muchboos Laham and 1 Shabzi stew. Speaking of shabzi.. I’ve been looking around Kuwait for a good marag shabzi but I haven’t come across a really good one yet. All of the shabzis I’ve tried weren’t so good.. any recommendations??

Anyway, The packaging was nice and the food looked very appetizing (much better than the pictures you’re seeing).
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GUST is holding a carnival in it’s Mishref campus on the 17th and 18th of december. They have a lot of festivities planned for you guys. It’s not restricted to GUST students, everybody can attend and participate in this carnival, there are also a lot of good prizes that are up for grabs.

The show will include:

  • Paintball
  • Mini Bungee jumping
  • A DJ
  • Osama foda will be there and will be giving around 150 phone numbers and mobile phones as prizes.
  • Many restaurants (Grillo, lo fat, kababjy… and some more)
  • A magic show
  • Game booths with instant prizes
  • A big final draw for all the attendants for a chance to win one of the prizes below

The Prizes:

  • A Banshee
  • A 42″ LCD TV
  • 5 iPods touch
  • 5 Ipods nano
  • 2 PS3
  • 5 Digital cameras
  • 5 DVD players

It’s on the 17th (today) and 18th of december from 10am to 2pm in Mishref’s campus.

Thanks Fawaz

Correction: I’ve been told that the timing is actually from 10am to 10pm.


Just move your mouse around him and watch how he will react 🙂


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We were back last friday and saturday at Althuba3iya’s mini runway and this time there were some new planes there. I was most excited to see them fly the Private Jet, the Cessna Citation, which after some googling turned out to be a real private jets’ company. Ali Mashinchy was there too, I was told He is a very famous and one of the best jet pilots out there and that he’d won some major awards doing this. We were blown away by his skills as soon as he started flying those jets. He put quite a show on.
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How dangerous of a driver are you?

You scored a 58% (C)

At least I passed! 🙂 .. Checkout your score and let us know 🙂


Thanks Ahmad


At the end of the day i will tell you what it is if no one figures it out 🙂


I really enjoyed reading your comments guys .. some of you made me really laugh today thanks a lot! but 

The ones who got it right are:

Eman, Mimi, Ja, A.M.S., Ali, Bo Fahad, noura and Om FasoOoL. IT IS a grain of sand ;)


I heard the one in Kuwait international fairs ground (arth alma3areth) went very nicely and had lots of good feedback from thee people for the way it was handled and organized. But looking at the pictures above (I don’t know which branch) I can’t help but think.. Is it really worth it?? going through all that!? I mean look at the employees! 

Thanks INM


Taco Bell has a branch in the newly opened Dubai mall. Since it’s in Dubai, I think the chances of it opening here in Kuwait have increased a bit.

I’m not one of those who love everything that isn’t in Kuwait, like Nandos and wagamama, Everyone wanted them in Kuwait, I didn’t, coz they suck (sue me). But it’s different this time, I really hope Taco Bell opens up a branch here in Kuwait simply coz I’m fed up with all the sandwiches here. Mcdonald’s patties have gone downhill for awhile now and no one seems to mind or even notice! I mean have you tried their cheeseburgers? why are their beef patties so damn dry?! and Hardee’s… The posters they have plastered everywhere showing this big chicken sandwich covered in buffalo sauce…. Turns my stomach up.

I’m rambling. My point is, I think I need my fast food fix from somewhere new and different. Tacos could potentially be it.

Picture from Talal.



Just noticed that once i entered Google’s website i got redirected to Google.com.kw .



Yesterday after finding some help in the comments on my previous post I decided to go for it again. Any improvement ?

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The stupidest most annoying and illogical quiz I’ve ever come across… and the most entertaining! (if you’re compulsive like myself) Give it a try HERE.

Thanks Dherar.