I just did my sunny side up but I was thinking there is got to be a way to get some extra flavor out of it?

I did mine with olive oil .. so guys what do you recommend ?


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20 Responses to “Sunny Side Up”

  1. c'est la vie says:

    with oliveoil is nice ,did you tried it with butter ?

  2. c'est la vie says:

    with olive oil is nice ,did you tried it butter ?

  3. Daddyz Girl says:

    u have to try it with better

  4. abraj says:

    try it with butter, but burn the butter first till it blackens a bit then break the egg on it, gives it a nice flavor

  5. Om FasoOoL says:

    mishari , at the end of the day its baith 3yoon what flavor do you think you can get out of it !
    One tip would be either with butter or if you like more flavor use normal oil with a little bit of 3adani it gives a great flavor to eggs 🙂

  6. Health Info: Its not healthy to fry anything with olive oil or any other oil for that matter. Usually the oil turns into a toxin as soon as it is boiled. If you wanna fry something use either butter or something similar.

  7. Ahmad says:

    My method for sunny side fried eggs is to heat the oil (not butter) until it’s really hot and then pour the eggs in it. The very hot oil will give the eggs a very nice crinkly edges. Now lower the heat a bit and cover the eggs so that the top can be done. When it’s nearing completion, cut small bits of butter and place them on top of the eggs. They’ll add a nice flavor.

  8. Mathai says:

    You can try this for some flavor, add one clove garlic to the butter and heat it in the pan, when the garlic lets out the aroma add the eggs and fry. You can remove the garlic before you add the eggs. but I leave it in. 😉

  9. Kay says:

    Tabasco is your best friend

  10. Ansam says:

    I like it with olive oil… though butter may add a special flavor to it. Melt the butter but do not burn it (I dont agree with letting it go brown.. just on low heat then break the eggs and gently drop’em on the butter… add some water (like a spoonful – teaspoon that is) and cover for a min or so (the steam of water will help in the cooking process hehehehe. Dont cook for too long unless you want the yolk to get hard and the white to get too crispy 😛

    I am thinking of how you can add flavor!! hmmm some chili powder maybe?

    MAN! I got carried away hehehehe

    BTW.. .Do you like poached eggs?

  11. Yousef says:

    For me I heat the oil (regular corn oil) till it smokes then drop the eggs into the pan. Add the salt and pepper quickly, then I wait till the bottom gets extra super duper crispy and then take it off the pan! no pan covering for me and no hard over cooked yolk 🙂

    sometimes, ya3ny once every 30 years 😛 I add a little dihin 3adany just before it’s done.. it tastes amazing with il3adany!

  12. Yousef, you’re older than 30 years old? 🙂

  13. DVLz says:

    I usually like to add curry powder gives it special flavor. As for olive oil heating turns it from good to bad, well that is true but there is a solution which most people don’t know. What you want to do is lower the temperature of the oil by adding water, it won’t harm you and won’t affect the flavor, all it does is lower the temperature by evaporating. Now some people will say adding water to oil will splash, its true if the temperature is extremely high but under low temperatures it’s not. Some people also use coconut oil which is very healthy but not sure how that would taste.

  14. Girl says:

    I love to sprinkle parmesan cheese on top when its cooked,, when u cut the yolk and the parmesan melts into it, it tastes like HeaVIN! Jareb and u wont regret 😉

  15. mentabolism says:

    try poaching them….no oil, no butter, no fat…
    clean and healthy…seasoning: salt and pepper…though I want to try the curry powder variant mentioned above..

  16. mentabolism says:

    try poaching them….no oil, no butter, no fat…
    clean and healthy…seasoning: salt and pepper…though I want to try the curry powder variant mentioned above..

  17. 3baid says:

    You got it all wrong. You have to eat it with fresh toasted bread 😉

  18. om 7amoodee says:

    I agree with Ahmad..but i sometimes add curry powder (3ala il 6alab :P)
    if u just want the buttery taste, add a drop of olive oil to the butter it keeps it from burning, otherwise u’ll get a “zhacha” taste
    oh and fry it in a steel pan,never Tfal..it will give u this yummy crunchy bottom

  19. Ansam says:

    lazim you try all the recipes wetsawi some sort of contest which one wins LOL

  20. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    I don’t use olive oil nor butter… I break it in it’s own water.. add a slice of cheese on top, a little bit of pepper .. I don’t cook it all the way through.. coz I just luv when I poach the yolk.. it spreads around mixed with melted cheese YAA ALLAAAAH .. NOW THAT’S A PLEASURE PPL LOL