The stupidest most annoying and illogical quiz I’ve ever come across… and the most entertaining! (if you’re compulsive like myself) Give it a try HERE.

Thanks Dherar.


This entry was posted on Thursday, December 11th, 2008 at 2:44 pm

6 Responses to “The Impossible Quiz”

  1. GirL says:

    omg im stuck in no. 24!!! what did u do there? the rainbow box that appears letter out of nowhere :/ 7ady endajamt! its kinda lame questions but fun to answer though 😛

  2. Yousef says:

    press the V in LIVES!

  3. Zaina says:

    I have the answers..
    and I STILL LOOOOSE !!!
    way way! ;p the question ilii kila akhser feeeh press on the eggs madree circles ou if you do, you cant touch the pink! way! i7iiiir!


  4. GirL says:

    Lol i got that 3ogob staring and daydreaming THEN 9ar fini okh its a hidden jomla 😛 e7m…

  5. GirL says:

    loooool, u have to right click to make a bridge ;P try right clicking then go to the other side

  6. shosho says:

    I Hate you :@ am into this game i don’t want that OMG it makes me nervous