I just ate like 4 or 5 cookies (the ones above) from Fudz and while eating them I was asking my self which one is the best cookies in Kuwait? so far I ended up with Fudz’s and choowy goowy’s .. and want to know which is your favorite guys?


This entry was posted on Wednesday, December 24th, 2008 at 12:43 am

24 Responses to “What’s Your Favorite Cookies ?”

  1. Dee says:

    mine are Fudz bs al7en sar shwaya lately it changed
    kintaky it has chuncks of cadbury
    oo Cookies and cream YUMMMMMMMMMMM- lai bachr;p -iest cookies ever!

  2. Yousef says:

    Believe it or not I’m yet to try choowy’s cookies.. I feel left behind 😛 My favorite is Hardee’s When they’re freshly baked and can be bent without breaking… akhaaaaihhh

    Mishary, the picture is amazing. wilso2al ily ye6ra7 nafsa o bishidda! laish madazaitly cham cookiyya?? ana sharih 3alaik o 3ala okhok (adry ga3ed tegra).

  3. ElKhayala says:

    I like the cookies I make 😛 hmph :p.
    I love Fuddz too !

  4. ElKhayala says:

    ooo oo and Hardeez has one of the best cookies in kuwait 😛 just heat it beforehand 😛

  5. Mondavo says:

    Cookie & Cream is my number one, yet I never tried fuds cookies before

  6. Eddy says:

    subways cookies r the best in my opinion

  7. Pure says:

    Hardeez all the way but as Yousef said it’ll taste even better when it’s freshly baked 😉

  8. naser m says:

    best cookie subway and cookies and cream double chocolate with peanut butter chunks

  9. Pink GirL says:

    i like choowy goowy cookies

  10. Bo Ya3goob says:

    dont tell me the best of them all chocolate bar cookies are the best chocolate chip and the best is the white fudge cookie is my best ever 😀

  11. bo9ale7 says:

    Subway cookies <3 are the best

  12. 7anTooSH says:

    cookies hardee’s an6a3hoom 😛

  13. Delly says:

    mno cookies and cream?!

  14. Me says:

    eee wallah shloon nesait hardeez cookies ??

    I also love fudz, ames 3ad sharya o kalait 5

  15. Mishary says:

    Yousef Shokraaaan 🙂 bas tara lal7eeen 3endey darzaaaan etha tabeey goool !!! fekneey menaaa tara 3ayazt akel menaaa !!! 😛 o ham mal hardeez 7ilooow bas wain o wain etsedaa fresh !

  16. Mishary says:

    Mark i know Hardees got also good cookies but the problem with Hardees is the freshness of the products, Hardees fails when it comes to freshness and more over their cookies is doubled the price of Fudz’s….

  17. LULU says:

    Fudz all the way 🙂 LOVE IT LOVE IT

  18. 3aBooDi says:

    The best cookie I have ever tried in Kuwait is Mrs. Good Cookies, I swear its the best, I think you can find them in 6alabat.com

  19. HKR says:

    fuddruckers cookie is the best

    awal masheft el sora teshawagt .. ga3adt adawer 7oli malegaait ghaaair Oreo ..

  20. NOVEMBER cookies arre the best no contest or question. mudslides.

  21. Mile’s Cookies… 😀

  22. Rakaan says:

    Our khadaama’s cookies !! Un6abeee3iiii

  23. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    Crumbs COOKIES (Milk chocolate cookie chunk and oatmeal date walnut “RAW3AH”) idbrdid elgalb..