The official opening of this restaurant is going to be this sunday, the 1st of February.


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  1. purpleram says:

    You have a wonderful little blog about everyday affairs here in Kuwait. For me being an expat, it is indeed nice to see how you go about your lives without us actually poking our noses in..
    Just one suggestion though.. it would be swell if you could also perhaps write a little bit about the cultural aspects of everyday living in Kuwait… ..as seen from a Kuwaiti.


  2. Stafa says:

    Where is it located exactly?


  3. what the deal with this place? what is it?


  4. F. says:

    It’s where Fudruckers used to be. Next to Le Notre and AppleBees.


  5. Bye Bye Fud says:

    So it’s a given while one half of Kuwait in the next couple of days will be at Dean & DeLuca’s the other half will be at Abdulwahab’s. I am pained to see Fuddruckers exit the Gulf street location. Back in the early 90s, the place had such a raw youthful energy to it never mind the food you could come here to let your hair down over the weekend.


  6. MIKE says:



  7. Abdallah says:

    Abdulwahab Restaurant 04-423-0988


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