Remember this post? well, right after that phone call and the insults that flew, the TV station, suspended the 3 guys from work, adding insults to injuries.

And today, according to Alqabas, Abu Athnain, one of the newsmen, filed a lawsuit against Emir Sultan bin Fahad. Abu Athnain’s family considered the matter deeply insulting and contacted a few lawyers whom were willing to take on the case.

This should be interesting to follow…



This entry was posted on Saturday, January 24th, 2009 at 6:02 pm

12 Responses to “Abu Athnain Sues Emir Sultan”

  1. Teeman says:

    interesting indeed!
    i sure hope you guys keep us updated with the lawsuit 😉

  2. Sara says:

    A7san w zain sawwa..
    Bs i heard that the amir apologized 3al arabiya tv bs i cant find it :S

  3. Pure says:

    Omg i hope the guy that filed a lawsuit wont get screwed by the Emir :/ !!

    and i agree with Teeman, plz keep us updated with the lawsuit 🙂

  4. Yizz says:

    More like adding injury to “Insult”

  5. iLSuL6ana says:

    Kafoo! Al Thanan is Amer il Sb3aan..thats why they found it offending, cause he see’s himself as a prince too 🙂

  6. Raz7 says:

    The Amir went beyond respect and beyond “el roo7 el reyatheya” since he was the man in charge for the team kan el mafrooth yet7ala eb akhlaq el reyatha ..
    Good Luck Abu Athnain 😉

  7. Glen says:

    I a land like Saudi I dont know how Abu Athnain can will but ya i really really wish he does win.. But the chances are high that hes gonna get really screwed.. Thanks for the update Yousef. Keep us posted

  8. naser m says:

    whats the point of getting a lawyer ,paying him, and loosing the case? its his country his kingdom, which basically makes bu athnain his slave, thats how these ppl sadly think

  9. Ali says:


  10. Abdulmohsen says:

    I just received an email saying that the prince of Riyad is his aunt’s husband. This might be interesting.

  11. q80saracen says:

    I’d be interested to hear what went on before the “Zaffa”. I heard, from someone who flipped to the Saudi Channel live that day, that those guys really went off on Fahad Al-Mosaibeeh who is apparently equivalent to Jasem Yaaqoub here in Kuwait.

    Now to clarify, I’m not defending the public insult of people expressing their freedom of speech. However, if they started with the insults to someone’s character beforehand, I think the balance shifts slightly. (Again, I have no idea if that was the case or not because all videos I’ve seen start at the Amir Sultan’s phone call).

    One last thing I’d like to point out in an attempt to throw an additional (not opposing) prespective into the mix: for Saudis, I imagine soccer is an extremely important part of their happiness and a vehicle for them to express themselves. We all know that self-expression can be limited in the Kingdom, and the fun and excitement provided by the Green is some much needed release for the average citizen. So breaking them down to pieces (the team) and claiming that they didn’t perform…its harsh on the viewer as well. Just throwin it out there 😉

  12. Bu Yousef says:

    Suspending them after allowing the call to come through and filming each one during his “zaffa” is OUT OF ORDER… Regardless of what went on beforehand.

    Keep us posted.