I’ve had a job for just 2 days now and I think I won’t survive to see the weekend.. The waking up, the driving and the staying for almost 8 hours in the same place with a whole new set of new people to interact with is…. How did you do it?

The waking up isn’t the worst part of it, It’s the going to sleep and thinking “oh dear God I have to get up in less than 7 hours… 6 hours.. 4 and half..” that’s killing me.

Speaking of getting up. This morning I happened to get up and the first thing I hear is Hikayat 3alamiya’s theme song (I won’t go into the details) but Waking up to Asalah singing “fee qesaas esho3oooob” is not what I had in mind when they told me you’re gonna hate the getting-up part.. and definitely not the song I want stuck in my head and keep humming all day (which I did). fa yally ibaly.. I don’t want this to happen again. Kapish? 😛

The other thing that makes me very #%@# is the fact that I’m new in the office and I know nothing about everything! I’m very new to all of this and I don’t like being out of the loop.. I hate this learning curve and seriously I want to start working. I don’t want to just keep reading stuff “to get an idea of the work flow.”

I think, hopefully, once I get to know what I’m supposed to do (which I will) and get the hang of it.. I’m gonna enjoy it (that’s what I’d like to believe). I just need to fast forward to 3 months from now.


This entry was posted on Tuesday, January 13th, 2009 at 12:02 am

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  1. Dee says:

    i start work nxt week enshallah o ga3da a7ate all this! etha eshr7oole shay o mafhmta Shbasawe? o awal youmain matwaqa3 3ndi sheghel mabe a9er elmaleqa eli emjabla my mobile ma3nde a7ad asolf weyah ;/
    what field r u working in?
    oh n goodluck!!

  2. dots... says:

    Congratulations yousef on your new job !

    I hope it opens the doors of a better year and more opportunities 🙂

  3. Abdulmohsen says:


    Now that damn song will be stuck!

    7asby allah 3alaik! 🙂

  4. 1001Nights says:

    Yeah you have to do the monkey work at first… and well, it might go very well past three months. I know it’s awkward but I think it can really help if you put yourself out there and really try to interact with everyone at your work surroundings. See if you do that inshalla they’ll eventually open up more and more about what the office is about and then you can get a better idea about what it takes to climb up the ladder or get different types of tasks.

  5. Ansam says:

    Get used to this 😛 hehehehe
    now you got the song stuck in my head THANKS! 😛

  6. Z says:

    Is this your first job?

    Here’s my humble advice whether it is your first or not:

    A) Make friends with everyone. Socialize with everyone you see. Juniors, colleagues, managers, the tea boy, the security guard, everyone. It’ll pay off.

    B) Learn as much as you can in the shortest time possible. It’ll be obvious once your boss assigns you a real task and you finish it in a few days instead of a week. They’ll notice and should be impressed.

    C) Push yourself to wake up earlier than you need to so you can be fresh and ready to perform. Needless to say, look professional, at least in the first few months, even if your job dress code is relaxed. Better to be the guy who overdresses than the guy who looks like he’s there for a mo3amala.

    D) Your boss should introduce you to everyone on your floor even outside your department. If not, ask him/her to do so. I spent a month before I started to say hello to some people at my work place, and I regret it because it took longer to break the ice with them.

    Best of luck 🙂

  7. Daddy's Girl says:

    Remember its a prison sentence for at least 25 years.

    Day in. Day out. No Escape.

    Wait till you become a bit late and they nagg on you, or act as if they own u or something

    or one day when u just feel like sleeping and u cant.

    and one day when u feel like u want to have a nice lunch out and you cant.

    Ana agool since u have amazing pictures, take the easy way out, open up ur own studio or food picturing service and be your own boss o iftak!!!

  8. Used to Work says:

    The worst part is actually going to sleep & thinking you have to go to work in the morning. you’ll get used to it in less than a month, well, I did, not in three months
    the few first days at work is always hell, if this is your first job ever.

    The best part is you’ll get used to it before you’d expect, its a right of passage to the working force, but you’ll survive.

    my first 2 weeks at my job were so bad that I started to question my same existence and my life, I looked differently to the world, in a depressed kind of way, but it passed, and when it did, I enjoyed the work so good that am happy again.

    You To Shall Pass 🙂

  9. awal shay mabrook yousif,
    thani shay welcome to the club… the whats left to sleep count down is a @#$%& i know! bs u will be used to it ..

    and try to be friend with everyone… if u don’t get anything out of working experience wise u will at least have new friends..

    read alot, do the extra work even if it’s annoying, it really helps

    good luck ya gameel 😉

  10. Om FasoOoL says:

    Worst part of work is the first week … then you’ll start getting to know them. tosal mar7ala etsolif ma3a el 6ofa but then you’ll have your group… enjoy your time and be friendly to everyone 🙂

  11. hammoodee says:

    Good luck! my humble advice to u is to be friends with everybody at work and enjoy being new while it lasts

  12. Purgatory says:

    Sounds like a bad place, you should quit.

  13. um.mit3ib says: