But this time it wont be inside the supermarket itself, but in one of Mishref’s Blocks, which is not decided yet :)


This entry was posted on Wednesday, January 21st, 2009 at 12:45 am

8 Responses to “Krispy Kreme Soon in Mishref”

  1. Delly says:

    i luv mishref!! deera ebroo7ha 😀


  2. 7anToosh says:

    inshallah yeftaa7 eb fer3 block 5 😛


  3. Fawaz says:

    6aaaa6aaa6 ,,, : p kil shay … basnaa ma7allat ya mishary basna , :)
    laa ya7siddoooNa .


  4. Dee says:

    loool i second 7antosh!:p i love mishref!!
    if only it was 2 ringroads closer….


  5. Sou says:

    I don’t need to go all the way to Mishref. I’ve got my beloved KK tucked away nicely in Salwa’s co-op. 😀


  6. e says:

    my area is the best ,,,, mishref w bas wlbajeeee ‘7as


  7. e says:

    my area is the best, mishref wbas wlbageeee ‘7as


  8. toot says:

    Looool 3ashat mishraf walah sij sij dera ebro7ha ana babde agra 3aleha minute al3en minute al7en bs yarab yafto7ona ebser3a


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