Since I don’t know much about football, I asked my cousin for his opinion and here is what Fawaz thought:

“I think that the game was played today by our team without a real target of winning in mind, because this game had different circumstances surrounding it; the opening game of the cup, the ban being just lifted and the fact that it took place in Oman and that the Omani team is considered a serious contender to win the whole cup. All of this led the Kuwaiti team, again in my opinion, to want to come out with a nil-nil outcome. This is based on their performance on the first half, However, The way they played, especially on the second half of the game gave them (and us) great hope and confidence to play better the next time around and for the other teams to reevaluate our national team.

The substitutions that happened in the second half by Mohammed Ibrahim went accordingly with his strategy and plans; to sustain the team’s performance to wrap up the game and still end up in a good shape.

Now, when it comes to who played the best and who lost many opportunities, then it is Bader alMutawwa and Ahmad ajab, respectively. And the man of the match, in my opinion, is Nawwaf Alkhaldy, our goal keeper, who defended his goal and held his own in spite of the many shots that came toward him.”

And another friend thought:

“in any other game the performance of Oman’s Ali Alhabsi would be ample to earn him the game’s man of the match, But surely was out shone by the impressive display shown by Kuwait’s number one stopper, Alkhaldy, who put on a sensational string of saves that are truly worthy of man of the match accolade. The goal keeper not only kept his side in the game but kept a secure feeling that had the back four faulted he would step up to the challenge.”


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8 Responses to “Kuwait VS. Oman A Promising Start”

  1. 1001Nights says:

    This is a nicely written review 🙂 I know it was just ta3aadul but I was really happy. Inshalla ya rab the next time yfozoon. Tarawali irtaf3at ma3nawiyaathum. Oh and one of the muthee3een (not Kuwaiti) said something like “alKuwait hiya alKuwait” or “Alkuwait tabqa Alkuwait” referring to our history in the game. Made me really proud. We should all collectively pray for our boys ya rab ya rab yfozoon.

  2. Kuwait-Moda says:

    yalla 7mdela 3ala elnatija,, we could score atleast 3 goals,,, bs ma 3alaih enshala the next match we’ll play better 🙂

  3. Bu Yousef says:

    I agree… a promising start. Hope we’re able finish off the chances a little better on Wednesday. Maybe the pressure would be less then?

  4. INM says:

    our camel , lovely camel

  5. Yousef, I love your blog!! You guys keep things up to date! I was happy about the game, but I’m still angry at the 7akam for canceling the goal, which I still don’t see any reason for it. If anyone knows why, lemme know. It looked perfectly safe and okay from the repeats they aired.

  6. armagadon says:

    our team introduce a nice performance & strategy in yesterday game …. now this team had an identity …. if AJAB just scorred one out of the 4 apportiunities he got we would be in a better shape ANY WAY “EL7MDELA”

  7. armagadon says:

    the refere cancel that goal because of a foul commited by one of our players during the corner kick….. it’s not an obvious foul but if it was another refere maybe he would pass it.

  8. Armagadon, oh ok. Yeah i still think it’s mean though!! It was a very nice goal!