A week ago I received my Vodafone branded and unlocked Blackberry Storm which i bought from Ebay. I’m not a fan of touch screens phones, but since i found this with an unbelievable price of KD160 including delivery expenses plus shop&ship’s, I became a fan. Just to give you guys an idea on why i thought this was a good deal, a quick comparison is Kuwait-Mall.com, they’re selling it for KD297, almost double the price.

UPDATE: Have anyone tried to send mms with a Blackberry?

The differences between the storm and the bold are:

  • Touch screen.
  • Amazing large screen (better for viewing emails and surfing the net).
  • 3.2 MP camera with auto focus.
  • New OS 4.7.

What comes in the box:

  • Blackberry Storm 9500 Phone
  • Battery
  • Travel Charger
  • Stereo Handsfree
  • USB Cable
  • Leather Case
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • CD-ROM
  • User’s Guide

SOMEcontrast.com on my Blackberry storm 🙂

This is the most beautiful cradle i have ever seen! It charges your phone in a horizontal position which will turn your phone into an alarm clock once it’s plugged in.


This entry was posted on Monday, January 26th, 2009 at 6:12 am

18 Responses to “My Blackberry Storm”

  1. bo9ale7 says:

    looks beautiful 3alek bel 3afia 🙂

  2. Nasser AbuTaleb says:

    I also got the Blackberry Curve 8900 (AKA Javelin) for 170KD from amazon plus shop and ship which is freakin awsome comepared to the BOLD 195 at ZAIN and about 230-250 outside shops! enjoy the storm, tried it out in the states, 3alaick bil 3afya

  3. Pink GirL says:

    ewanis .. 3lek bel3afia

  4. HBZ says:

    nice ! itkasra bil 3afya..

  5. ماشاء الله
    تكسره بالعافيه

  6. yadoo says:

    3ndek chamby!

  7. Salem says:

    3alaik bil3afya .. I’m thinking of either buying the storm or the bold .. which one do you prefer ? and is the storm hard to use? mn na7yat ilmessages and the other stuff cuz a lot of people suffer from the touch screens..

  8. Ali says:

    wala tamam ela 9ootik feeh .. eshwi yero7 weyy

    elmohem shlon el location 😛

  9. Frankom says:

    Aham shay el ba6areya , cham sa3a?

  10. Mishary says:

    Salem Go for the BOLD .. I highly recommend it.

    Frankom walla it depends, the maximum it can go for is around a day.

  11. Adrenaline says:

    Thats one SLOW piece of technology.

  12. Ali says:

    Frankom a5af ta5th el 9owar wl info. wt76hom bl blog bedon el source 😛

  13. Mohammed says:

    Always want to get one of those, but one of my friends told me that he bought Black Berry o faj2a e5trb 3laih ;s .. He tried to fix it in many shops but no one could !

    He told me also that the nearest place that can fix his Black Berry is in the UAE .. is that true ??? because this is what made me change my mind ..

  14. Amjad says:

    Does it have a virtual keyboard like the iPhone ?

  15. Yousef says:

    It looks beautiful.. tenba6 ishasha bil3afya..

  16. sbtm says:

    One quick Q: what about Arabic support?

  17. momo says:

    if its unlocked does it mean there still is a service charge per month ?
    and it does have bluetooth right?

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