I got this via email and I thought You guys wanna see some of the places that got affected by the fire at the Avenues mall.
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Ansam shared with us this picture and this is what she had to say for you all:

“I just had it for dinner…. awesome!”

So, what do you think? fagi3 in a pizza? for me, I don’t know.. I love fagi3, but it could go either way with me, I have to try it first. What about you?

Munch is in Dar Al Awadi
Phone# 22322747 – 22322757


Never ever disagree with his highness.

Thanks Taymoor




Me & my wife were searching for a good place that sells Pretzels, but unfortunately we didn’t find except the one which is in the Avenues, So my mother in law decided to make her own home made Pretzels.

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Ali Sultan the kuwaiti actor just passed away, Alah Yor7omah.

Thanks 9K2HN


Right after finishing from the photo exhibition at the avenues, my friends took me to take a look at the Sheraton’s enligsh lounge that’ll be opening soon in the avenues.
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I’ve been invited by my friend HKR to the Voluntary work center’s photo exhibition that is taking place at the avenues phase II. The exhibition’s subject is general and for the members of the center to share their work with the public. People can also buy the pictures they like, they’re KD25 and KD35 with the frame.

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Today my father and mother in law  went to the Avenues and found out that its closed due to fire there.

Thanks Ahmad


Its re-opened again. “its phase 1 starting zara moving towards loranzino … esprit upstairs looks really bad. but they were working hard cleaning the place. at around 4 zara was open and the workers were cleaning the roofs of avenues . am sure by next weekend no one will notice the incident.”

Thanks Om FasoOoL



We were in Al Abdali for the new year’s and on our way back we stopped by Umm Al Aish for some pictures. It was very cold and windy over there, and we had to take a very bumpy and sandy road to reach the big dishes. We could’ve used the paved road but the thing is, we didn’t know it existed till after reaching the destination..


I read on this blog that: The Umm Al Aish station was built in 28-10-1969 and it was totally destructed by the Iraqis on 1990.

I’m annoyed at the fact that now, 19 years after the invasion, the government have decided to put an end to these beautiful buildings. They decided to tear them down and sell what is left of them. It’s like we can’t live without tearing all the old buildings in Kuwait down, like they’re doing this on purpose to take every little piece of history away from Kuwait.


Anyway.. We took many pictures and the place was totally worth it, so if you ever found yourself not too far from Umm Al Aish, you’ve got to check it out up-close.



There is a rumor going around that today’s football match will be Postponed due to bad weather, Anyone can confirm it?

Thanks Ansam


I know every year by February’s end the truffles become available in Kuwait but this year we couldn’t resist so we decided to get the Algerian one which costs nowadays between 15-20 KD a Kilo. So today my dad decided to bring us a couple of kilos to be cooked for tomorrow’s lunch 🙂

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Click the Fun icon to get to the second screen shot.

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I’ve had a job for just 2 days now and I think I won’t survive to see the weekend.. The waking up, the driving and the staying for almost 8 hours in the same place with a whole new set of new people to interact with is…. How did you do it?

The waking up isn’t the worst part of it, It’s the going to sleep and thinking “oh dear God I have to get up in less than 7 hours… 6 hours.. 4 and half..” that’s killing me.

Speaking of getting up. This morning I happened to get up and the first thing I hear is Hikayat 3alamiya’s theme song (I won’t go into the details) but Waking up to Asalah singing “fee qesaas esho3oooob” is not what I had in mind when they told me you’re gonna hate the getting-up part.. and definitely not the song I want stuck in my head and keep humming all day (which I did). fa yally ibaly.. I don’t want this to happen again. Kapish? 😛

The other thing that makes me very #%@# is the fact that I’m new in the office and I know nothing about everything! I’m very new to all of this and I don’t like being out of the loop.. I hate this learning curve and seriously I want to start working. I don’t want to just keep reading stuff “to get an idea of the work flow.”

I think, hopefully, once I get to know what I’m supposed to do (which I will) and get the hang of it.. I’m gonna enjoy it (that’s what I’d like to believe). I just need to fast forward to 3 months from now.


So we went to The Sahara golf club the other day and Many of you got it right when I asked in my previous post “Where do you think I am?“. The place is amazing. There are big golf courses, many lakes and a horse race ring. It is also a resort with many chalets with different views and sizes.
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Yes, its freezing out there ! 😛

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Here is a picture for the Explosion which was in Ahmadi’ 7esaineya, For more details and pictures you can check it out.


Thanks to Ali


Yes, Yousef wont be posting today because he will sign for his new job and become a new employee .. MABROOK Yousef wish you all the best 🙂


Just got these pictures from Ali when he was passing by AUK car boot sale, it seems from the picture that their wasn’t many participators this year hope it will increase next year since it is an annual event.

Thanks Ali



Just saw this ad on the newspaper and thought you might wanna know about it. The offer is up for today only.


UPDATE By Mishary:

We’ve just bought one its Fantastic!



Zain has donated KD30,000 to support our national team and is now renting a whole plane to send the fans to support our Kuwaiti national football team over in Oman. The plane expenses will be paid in full by Zain. The flight’s details will be revealed soon.