So we went to The Sahara golf club the other day and Many of you got it right when I asked in my previous post “Where do you think I am?“. The place is amazing. There are big golf courses, many lakes and a horse race ring. It is also a resort with many chalets with different views and sizes.

Since we’re not into golfing (aside from playing mini golf once every decade), we stayed in the cafe overlooking the golf course and the race ring. The place is beautiful (shar7) and so unlike Kuwait.

We ordered their waffles, which looked extremely nice and smelled heavenly but unfortunately it didn’t live up to expectations AT ALL. Don’t try it.

After staying at the cafe and before leaving we asked if they could (the management) show us around and give us a tour to see the chalets and they welcomingly agreed.

There are 2 types of Chalets, the big one with 2 bedrooms and a private pool, and the smaller (cozier) one with one bedroom, overlooking the horse ring and a big shared pool.

^This is the 2 bedrooms chalet from the inside. Very nice and big living room with a dining table for 6 persons and a kitchen with a counter overlooking the living room area.

^The master bedroom with a toilet inside.

^The other room with 2 beds and a toilet just outside the door (shared with the living room)

^The private pool (controlled temperature)

^Now this is the smaller chalet with one master bedroom from the inside.

^The living room looked even better than the pictures. The master bedroom looks exactly like the one in the big chalet.

^The patio (overlooking the ring)

^The shared pool

The prices:

The big chalet with 2 bedrooms costs KD180 per night on weekends and KD160 on weekdays. The smaller chalet with 1 bedroom costs KD80 per night on weekends and KD60 on weekdays.

There are other stuff in there too like tennis courts, Spas and restaurants.

For the location and directions click HERE.


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9 Responses to “Sahara Golf & Country Club”

  1. Me says:

    thanx for the pictures yousef
    heard about the place and knew I will never see it
    but now I did 🙂

  2. Fawaz says:

    ;P) China 6ilaaa3 a7la … with ur pictures 🙂

  3. Mishary says:

    Ana a7eb el report el kamel men A-Z ! Good post yousef !!

  4. HKR says:

    khoosh review … elshalehat shakilhom 7lween

  5. Ansam says:

    AT my previous job, we had an event (annual get-together) there once and I couldnt make it… my friend had a birthday party their and I didnt go! I never expected the place to be THIS NICE! Its awesome sara7a! I am definitely gonna check it out at the soonest… Nice pics… as always ya3ni 😉

  6. HBZ says:

    what a wonderful review yousif.. the place looks more beautiful in your lines 😉

  7. TaLaL says:

    wow .. wayed 7elo yabeela ro7a

  8. Chirp says:

    Wow I never saw their shalaihat shakilhum 3ajeebeen!

  9. I am very pleased for Phil and his family on his magnificent masters win.