We were in Al Abdali for the new year’s and on our way back we stopped by Umm Al Aish for some pictures. It was very cold and windy over there, and we had to take a very bumpy and sandy road to reach the big dishes. We could’ve used the paved road but the thing is, we didn’t know it existed till after reaching the destination..


I read on this blog that: The Umm Al Aish station was built in 28-10-1969 and it was totally destructed by the Iraqis on 1990.

I’m annoyed at the fact that now, 19 years after the invasion, the government have decided to put an end to these beautiful buildings. They decided to tear them down and sell what is left of them. It’s like we can’t live without tearing all the old buildings in Kuwait down, like they’re doing this on purpose to take every little piece of history away from Kuwait.


Anyway.. We took many pictures and the place was totally worth it, so if you ever found yourself not too far from Umm Al Aish, you’ve got to check it out up-close.


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8 Responses to “The Umm Al Aish Ruins”

  1. Kuwait-Moda says:

    المفروض يحولون المكان حق متحف ذكرى للحرب والغزو على الاقل يودون طلبة المدارس الصغار ويراوونهم المكان من باب حفظ تاريخنا الوطني والحقب اللي مرت فيها الكويت ومن ضمنها الغزو الله لايعوده علينا انشالله

  2. Rakaan says:

    veeerrryyy nice pics Yousef , KEEP IT UP ;D

  3. Fawaz says:

    woooooooooow please post a bigger picture because I want to put it as wallpaper I would really appreciate it

  4. Ansam says:

    Ma77a66at um el3aish ta7chi 7athir eblaaadi hehehehe!

    Every time we drive to Abdali and pass by it this song plays in my head 😛

  5. Bu Yousef says:

    Great photos Yousef. I’ve been wanting to go for a long time. When I heard recently about the decision to scrap them, I’m even more eager.

    Can you give me directions to find this road. I will wait for the Arab summit to end before finding some time to go in shaa Allah.

  6. HKR says:

    sayarteey tekassarat eb sebbat hal re7laaa ;Pp
    bss walla el sowaar teswaaa bs el jaw kaan 9aqeee3 7azat’ha … o lel3elm tara el niq6a ele telma3 bilsema … kan el gomaaar …
    el9ora el thanya .. 7adha 3ajebaaa ….

  7. loco says:

    wayed wayed 7elween el pic’s!

  8. zaitsev says:

    This looks like s map from HALO!!!