Ansam shared with us this picture and this is what she had to say for you all:

“I just had it for dinner…. awesome!”

So, what do you think? fagi3 in a pizza? for me, I don’t know.. I love fagi3, but it could go either way with me, I have to try it first. What about you?

Munch is in Dar Al Awadi
Phone# 22322747 – 22322757


This entry was posted on Tuesday, January 20th, 2009 at 12:00 am

6 Responses to “Truffles Pizza from Munch”

  1. 5ermesS says:

    FAGI3 bel.pizza!!
    ana elfagi3 bel3aish ma7ebaa (a7esa laho la7am walaho bo6a6!!) hadoour in a pizza!!! madre glebat chabde bs 3laikom bel3afya.

  2. HBZ says:

    looks delicious! bacher bajribha :>

  3. ony says:

    i havent tried munch’s yet im sure its amazing.. at home we made fage3 pizza and fa6ayer fage3 and risoto fage3 every season ever since i was alittle girl ( and now my children are enjoying those too).. fage3 is yummy on everything.. i like it thinly sliced for pizza but big chunks for fatayer.

  4. Delly says:

    ummm,,,, i dont like fagi3!! :/ bas mabi la3at chabdi :s

  5. Ansam says:

    The picture is not doing justice to the real thing! It was yummy!

  6. Technogal says:

    I’ve tried it before and it was good but I didn’t like the sauce!! it tasted sweet like honey instead of being salty!