I know every year by February’s end the truffles become available in Kuwait but this year we couldn’t resist so we decided to get the Algerian one which costs nowadays between 15-20 KD a Kilo. So today my dad decided to bring us a couple of kilos to be cooked for tomorrow’s lunch 🙂

See how big it is 🙂

Removing the skin 🙂

Ready to be cooked 🙂


This entry was posted on Wednesday, January 14th, 2009 at 12:03 am

13 Responses to “We’re Getting Truffles”

  1. Kuwait-Moda says:

    mashala its too big, yalla bel3afia 🙂

  2. Yousef says:

    3alaikom bilafya..

    Shda3wa 20kd il kilo o ba3ad 6abkheen katha kilo 7ag bachir? a7na fi azma iqte9adiya!!!! 😡

  3. airbus.aviator says:

    can you please tell us where did the father buy the truffles from ?

  4. momo says:

    is it really that good? and where to get them ?

  5. Ansam says:

    3alaikom bel3afia… they are BIG! yummm! hehehehe
    LOL @ Yousef… Someone did a mini study on the global recession and all the problems going on in the world and it shows that people of the GCC region are the least affected by it… not because they really are… but because they dont wanna lower their standards of living hehehehe

  6. Mishary says:

    Yousef, men gal ena kel hathaa 7ag wajbaaat el yooom !!! 🙂

  7. bo9ale7 says:

    Airbus Aviator. there is a small section inside soug alghanam/soug alyam3a called soug alfaghe3 thats where people buy truffles from.

  8. A.A.R says:

    ikithlina eshwaya 7ag il shaleeh .. 7ag il bard zain egoloon ..

  9. ony says:

    we’ve been having fage3 every single day for 2 weeks now… i do not want this dream to end.

  10. Delly says:

    wai i dont like fagi3 :/

  11. Yousef says:

    Mishary try peeling it add some salt and wrap it in foil then put them directly on coals (fa7am) you’re going to love it!

  12. airbus.aviator says:

    thanks bo9ale7 3ala elma3loma…

    baroo7 inshalah yoom elym3a b3d el9alah …

  13. Mathai says:

    wow those are really big truffles !
    can anyone please tell where this “soug alghanam/soug alyam3a” is ? 🙂