The MPS held a convention/celebration to acknowledge Hamas’ perseverance.

Literal translation:
Woman: This is Kuwait’s Ghetra. You MPS sold Kuwait. You’re all hypocrites. This is the Kuwaiti’s Ghetra.

Implication (in my opinion):
People at the convention were wearing the palestinians’ Ghetras or Keffiyeh, as a sign of support for Hamas and palestine. The woman felt offended and was opposing the whole thing, in a very unsubtle way.

I’m hoping there is a full video somewhere of this incident so we can get a better idea.

Thanks Khalid


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  1. 5ermesS says:

    katbin kelshay bjaredat elyom elwa6an bs walla 3ayzana adawer el.link 😛

  2. Miss Kuwait says:

    What was she trying to say exactly ?
    hard to understand anything really ..

  3. Katuka says:

    She’s trying to remind everyone that Hamas is an arm of muslim brotherhood (Ekhwan), a group which was against the war to liberate Kuwait from Iraq’s invasion in 1991 and the execution of Saddam.

  4. Rakaan says:

    Wallah enha Saajja !!

  5. Khalid says:

    Her brother estashad during the Iraqi invitation and the ghetra she’s holding is actually her brother’s.

    Fuad Al-Hashim wrote this in yesterday’s article:

    .. اسمها «لطيفة الرزيحان»، لم تتحمل اصوات انين رفات اسرانا في قبورهم وهم يرون – من فوق سابع سماء – ابناء وطنهم يباركون لمن بارك قاتلهم، فتسلحت بـ «غترة شهيد» كويتي وذهبت الى ذلك التجمع الذي عقده «فروخ – حماس» لتشاهد الضحايا تمجد.. جلاديهم!! «لطيفة» – حمامة كويتية – لم تتحمل الغربان سماع صوت هديلها فارتعبوا منه وحاولت ميليشيات «حسن البنا» كتم انفاسها، وهددها فداوية «سيد قطب».. بتكسير عظامها!! الشرف صار اسمه «لطيفة»، و«الكرامة» صار اسمها «لطيفة» و«العزة» صار اسمها «لطيفة»، اما الغربان فلم يبق لها الا الخرائب و.. الجيف!!

    Here is the link

  6. bo9ale7 says:

    Walla al3atheem enha baredat chabdy. hathel nas mayenfa3 ma3ahom ele chethe nas 9ej ma3endehom qera wala 7oob 7ag their country o esamon ro7hom momathelen aloma !! allah ebareek feha enshala o ekhaleey hal ikhwan o alsalaf yet3alemon monha eshlon e7ebon derathom

  7. 3aBooDi says:

    Azbal shay bil dinya ohma jama3at il e5waan oo 9ij mnafigin… wala 9ij il salaf shdeedin bas a7san minhom hal yhoood eli y7lilon ili yaboona oo y7armooon eli yabooona.

  8. q80saracen says:

    The problem is, people forget that they represent Kuwait and its people…not the people of other nations. Our Foreign Ministry, along with our Amir has conveyed his condolences to the PEOPLE of Gaza, along with the actual action of transferring USD 34 Million to the aid workers there.

    Members of Parliment have two objectives for which they were elected:

    – Create Laws

    – Act as the Watchful Eye of the people

    Creating their own Foreign Ministry, and sending delegations to meet with Hamas leaders in Damascus next week, does not fall in line with their elected obligations (which by the way, should be occupying every second of their elected terms). Kuwait doesn’t talk to Militant Groups, and in particular, Militant Groups that committed what can only be described as betrayal during the brutal Iraqi Invaision.

    If that’s too far ago, and we all want to go the way of the gold fish, then lets remember the execution of the International Criminal Saddam, where they held an official mourning along with his photos for the whole world to see. I know this turned into a Post, and it wasn’t my intention but enough is enough. We didn’t approve when Members of Parliament held a funeral for Mughniya, I don’t know why they think we’ll approve of this. Save our economy/education/health care/sports. Because you know what? Kuwait has a Foreign Ministry and it doesn’t consist of people selling their shoes for KD 7,000 to donate to Hamas, so give it a rest.

  9. bo9ale7 says:

    Well said , Very well said Q8saracen

  10. :/ says:

    a5555 lo ana mawjoda chan lmeet’ha jdaam el naas wallah…w kmeet 3ala ele ga3deen

  11. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    I can’t recall the people of Gaza marching down the streets when Kuwait was under invasion!!! klhum iwgifaw m3a hal Kawlii!!

    lwi3aw chbdna b their “ght’ras” every where.. I can see them now evolving into a brand! lol just imagine the brand name of the ghtr’as (Bakullak!) Now that’s a seller lol

  12. Reemi says:

    9ijj bardet chabdii !! ma sh2 Allah 3aleha !! 9ij shoja3a !!! o0o 9a7 kalam ila5 :/ low ana mowjoda chan lametha !! cuz 9ijjj bardet chabdiiiii !!!! Allah y7fthha man kel shy !! o0o en sh2 Allah her brother eb janet jardos !! ameen

  13. liliuokalani says:

    Khalid: “Iraqi invitation”

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha….but seriously wtf?

  14. Delly says:

    waaai.. wen3im feeeeeehaa!! 9ej sawwat eli ilreyayeel magdaraw ysawoona!! kafow baredat chboodna 9ara7a!

  15. shino ya3ni.. min 9ijokm???? we are one of the world’s largest welfare states and we are under no where near the pressure that is on the citizens of ghazza. The fact that the PLO (not 7amas. repeat PLO NOT 7AMAS) sided with Iraq during the invasion does not represent the views of citizens who have been under Israeli opression and subjected to unbelieveable violence for SIXTY years. Can you say ina all our gov’s decision reflect our views as kuwaiti people?? We sided with Iraq (with SADDAM) and gave him 13 BILLION US DOLLARS in help against Iran in the Iran-Iraq war when he killed countless children and innocent civilians. palastine gave NO money to Iraq. Are you saying that Iranians should side with our enemy when if we are invaded again by some other country?? No. Please be rational ya nas.

  16. weeknds says:

    ma3a e7tirami li ray el jamee3
    elli sawita 3yb!!!
    ehya mara! o ohma riyayeel!!
    walla fashla!!

  17. Zuzu says:

    I agree with miss ghesquiere 🙂 y3ni 3shan ohma ma wgefaw m3ana 3adi ymotoon motat chalb?!? le3eb yahal ohoo !

  18. q80saracen says:

    First of all, I’d like to refer and reiterate my comment above regarding the duties and obligations of Members of Parliament. I think its an important part of any discussion when it comes to this topic. Here are some points for clarification, that will help make all of our comments more insightful (inshallah):

    1. The woman above practiced an international form of protest that is present in all democracies. She protested, said her points, then left the hall, overcome with emotion – whether that emotion is justified or not, I can’t judge because in all honesty, I haven’t lost a brother (emphasis on brother) to the brutal Iraqi Invasion. So if it is “3aib”, its not by civilized standard but by the infamous “3adaat ow taqaleed” logo that is ever so fashionable.

    2. The woman’s mother is Palestinian. Scratch that, the woman’s mother is a Palestinian nurse, who spent her entire youth mending the wounds of Palestinian muqaawama before her Kuwaiti father married her. So, I feel that its safe to say that she doesn’t support anyone dying “motat chalb” or any other type of “mota”.

    3. This is arguably the most important point: Hamas, and the International Muslim Brotherhood supported Saddam during his invasion of the war. That does not negate the fact that the PLO supported Saddam as well (apparently, they found something to agree on back then). Mubaarak Idwaila, the head of the Kuwaiti Muslim Brotherhood at the time, cut off any tie to the International Brotherhood organization and condemned them. Please don’t take my word for it: Scope TV (not the biggest fan, but hear me out) has been showing the footage of the Hamas meetings with the Baath Party during the invasion, in Damascus. Check it out. In addition, refer to anyone who was in politics at the time. 5aanat-hoom a5laaq-hoom, ow i7na illy diffa3na ilthaman.

    4. As for the Iraq-Iran War, all officials and even older people that lived at that time will argue that (even today), it was not only the right choice for Kuwait but the only choice at the time. (Additional reference, Al-Jazeera English documentary on 5umaynee which they’ve been repeating like crazy…its very well done).

    In short (I know…I know…nothing is short about this comment, lol), because we are Kuwaiti we will never allow a5laaqna ti5oonna. Because although we may be from a small country, we are a great people. So we will continue to fight the fight for those facing injustice in Palestine and everywhere else in the world. We’ll adopt their orphans, rebuild the factories (most of which we built in the first place) and make sure they can live with dignity because doing so expresses our dignity.

    But no Kuwaiti, and nobody who gave their blood for this country deserves to have their elected official pay praise and tribute to people who acted criminally towards them. Who had a hand in what happened to their sibling, parent or son and provided them the moral support they needed. Some may consider it distasteful, what that lady did but she’s our blood. She’s our family and so is her brother. She deserved the respect of the people she elected, and she was let down because Kuwaiti politics isn’t fulfilling enough for our MPs. They want to champion international causes at the expense of tearing us apart from the inside.

    Once again, I’ve written a post more than a comment. Sorry for that. We’re an affectionate people, Kuwaitis. Sometimes that means we put others before ourselves and I commend you all for that. But today, we need to put Kuwait first. We need to put Kuwaitis first. Always.

    NB: I have no connection (laa min igreeb wala min ib3eed) to this lady. All information is from readily available resources.

  19. Adrenaline says:

    Plotices 101: today’s enemies are tomorrow’s friends.

    but what do the people of gaza or the Iraqies has to do with Iraqi invasion to Kuwait…it was Saddam and Arafat.

  20. Adrenaline says:

    Actually it was the US dogs Saddam and Arafat.

  21. 1001Nights says:

    Adrenaline and Miss Ghesquiere,

    No one here as far as I read has said a single negative word to say about the people of Gaza. As humans we feel sad for what is happening to them and wish that this nightmare gets done with once and for all. The issue under discussion here is support for HAMAS and not the people of Gaza. Miss Ghesquiere I am afraid you are colossally misinformed because although you are right that the PLO did side with Saddam, you should know that HAMAS did as well and this is not my opinion it is fact. Even in more recent years, when the US captured Saddam Hussein, Abdel-Aziz al-Rantissi, a senior leader of Hamas said the United States would “pay a very high price for the mistake” of capturing Saddam. It is not hard to find info about this issue and update your information on Hamas’ views.

    Again I have to reiterate that I really hope that the people of Gaza get through this tremendous suffering but I also hope that my own people can have the insight and the visibility to put their own country first when it comes to shows of support.

  22. Faisal says:

    السلام عليكم
    يا اخوان او اخوات الي ايده في النار مو مثل الي ايده بره النار
    لطيفه الرزيحان اخوها شهيد الغزو او الي سوته الاخت ام منيره ما قدر اسويه 1000 رجل انها وقفت امام الجميع وقالت ان بعضكم منافقين . ابو الشهيد مات حره علي ولده و ام الشهيد ماتت حره علي ولدها و تركت لطيفه ترعل 5 بنات وولد لانها الاخت الكبيره
    والله انك اخت الرجال يا لطيفه الرزيحان

  23. mentabolism says:

    I feel the MPs could have made a better point by going to Gaza, carrying aid and helping the victims there…rather than taking a trip to Damascus.

  24. hilaliya says:

    This lady is a hero, a true hero and the Kuwaiti guys who stood by intimidating her and taunting her are cowardly misguided scum. Most of whom probably didn’t even go through the invasion or were too young.

    When are people going to realize that we are making the same mistakes we did before the invasion – obsessing about Arab agendas and countries but neglecting our own. It was a recipe for disaster.

    And it will be again if this sort of action continues – and this is not helped by the government’s embrace of ‘Arab causes’ for the sake of their own vanity.

  25. sfsa78 says:

    So how far should these bearded idiots go so that the kuwaiti people understand the dangers that these fanatical islamic parties pose to our beloved nation. Slowly you are all understanding and witnessing their hypocritical and dangerous ways. nearly all Islamic political parties in almost all democratic states have shown contempt for their governments, and have shown to be loyal to one another’s franchise of islamic political parties in other countries and networks.
    They are gonna be the ones that tear up kuwait, not the iraqis nor even the terrorist group Hamas.
    I ask you, what in heavens name is Khorafi doing sitting in Hamas party. Doesnt he know that they are an internationally known as a terrorist group???
    Dont we have enough problems with our own terrorists in our own parliament?? or did we forget that waleed tabtabaie announce once upon a time that he is officially the ambassador for the Taliban, Hamas, and has written a public letter praising “shiekh” (as he wrote) Osama bin laden?!?!?!
    And the other member of parliament that was caught in saudi arabia with his shiite friends plotting to blow up Mecca. (he was the only one out of many that was saved from saudi execution by SH.Saad).
    We allow terrorists to represent us in parliament. what future do we expect.
    There needs to be a shake up!!!

  26. wa7da says:

    حماس الله يحمس قلوبهم