Yes, Yousef wont be posting today because he will sign for his new job and become a new employee .. MABROOK Yousef wish you all the best :)


This entry was posted on Sunday, January 11th, 2009 at 8:54 am

30 Responses to “Yousef Will Not Post Today…”

  1. Ansam says:

    Congrats Yousef :-) All the best to you 😀


  2. Sulaiman says:

    alf alf alf mabrooooooooooooooooooooooK


  3. Dee says:

    mabroouk o menha lela3la enshallah :)


  4. Eman says:

    Alf Mabroook inshalla
    OMG! am so happy for some reason! LOL
    allah ywafgek ya rub :)


  5. Delly says:

    Yaaaaaaaaay… bil embaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaak o alla ywafgik ya rab :)
    when i first saw the pic 3abali melcha :p


  6. Someday says:

    MaBrOoOoOoOoOoK Yousef!!!
    allah eywafgik enshallah ow eysa’7er lik 3yal el 7alal
    ow yarzgik ‘7yyyr min fa’9lah :****


  7. A.A.R says:

    mabroooook yousif .. testahil alah ewafgick enshala..


  8. 7anToosh says:

    mabrooooooooooook welcome to the club 😛


  9. HBZ says:

    3albarakka 3albarakkaaa !!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Goodluck Yousef!! Welcome to our world of misery, hypertension and frustration 😀 hehehe jk. Allah ywafgik enshallah.


  11. 5ermesS says:

    GLoOoOoLeesh ;p

    MABROok o allah ywafgek nshalla :)


  12. Seriously says:

    Congrats… allah ewafgek enshallah =)


  13. thegodfather says:

    hey there :)
    i would like to point something out here, its gonna be ur last first day ever :p
    so enjoy it while u can
    and congratulations 😀


  14. Fawaz says:

    wellcome ….. 7is feena 😛 allah iwafgik


  15. Om FasoOoL says:

    golololoooooooooooooooosh ……. akheeeeeeeeeeeran … congrats .. where you working ?


  16. Abdulmohsen says:

    whenever one of our friends sign a contract… he MUST bring dinner for the dewaniya to celebrate… when i say dinner i mean qoozy from Sheraton or Le Notre.
    You should try it… yistahloon ilshabab!!! 😉


  17. Me says:

    3ad ma tsadig ames ga3da afaker feek agool yousef madree esar 3alaih 3ala el shoughel


  18. bo3zeez says:

    الف مبروك يايوسف ومنها للأعلى واختيارك ان شاء الله موفق ونشوفك رئيس مجلس اداره يارب


  19. 1001Nights says:

    Mabrook w’mwaffag inshalla 😀


  20. mo3ath says:

    mnha for the tops looool 😀


  21. Ali says:

    MaBRooooK .. yala yom el yem3a nazel 3asha 😛


  22. INM says:

    testahel mabrook :)


  23. DVLz says:

    Congrats Bro

    Now waste your money and get yourself a ChingChong 😀


  24. Ali says:

    INM Gola muta el melcha 😛


  25. Bu Yousef says:

    Congratulations… Make sure you find some time for photography :)


  26. Yousef says:

    wow! :) Thank You all for your nice comments and Allah ibarik feekom mashkoreen :)

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta get me some sleep coz I gotta get up VERY early….

    wallah ziman….


  27. um-mit3ib says:

    haa ya3ne 2 more yrs wabdy ayabebb ;p ?


  28. somechick says:

    Emwagaf inshallah Yousef! Wish you all the best


  29. Intlxpatr says:

    Woooo HOOOO on you, Yousef, and may Allah bless the work of your hands.


  30. HKR says:

    mabroooo0o0o0o00o00oo00o0oooooK … lazem ne7tefeel eb hal monasabaa ,,,,

    wain 3azemna @@ !!


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