This is the guy I promised you guys to post about, His name is Abu Abdullah and he makes his living out of doing this home delivery kind of barbecuing. He brings all of his tools, meats and stuff and does the barbeque right infront of you.

His grills includes Reyash (lamb chops), Kabab, Sheesh 6awooq (the chicken in the picture), sho2af (tikka), and Arayes (the sandwich in the picture below. It is minced meat+onion+tomatos+cheese, all sandwiched and grilled together).


His Arayes are out of this world. Let me begin by saying I hate Arayis, I never liked them and never liked whoever ate them. But. and this is a a huge BUT, This guy’s Arayes was a complete surprise. It was so delicious I couldn’t resist eating every time someone offered me some. And I told Abu Abdullah how I used to hate Arayis until now and he said “You’re not the first to tell me that. Often people come up to me and tell me how they never enjoyed eating Arayes till they tried mine.” His are different.

I was told that the guy charges KD 70 to do the barbeque for a party of 25 people. Pretty cheap, don’t you think? Considering the quality of his food and the amount of people he serves. I think it’s a real bargain.

You should try this guy out. Highly recommended. You should book him early though.


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22 Responses to “Abu Abdullah’s Grills”

  1. 5ermesS says:

    al7een esa3a jreeb el 3 3aawza 3ARAYES shloon?? ;p

    ‘9arory njarba nshalla. Thanks for keeping your promise 🙂

  2. NASER M says:

    in the past 3 years we called bo abdulla around 10 times, he is really good BUT the last time a friend of ours recomended the same concept but this time turkish grill, we called the guy and the food was AMAZING

  3. Rakaan says:

    Allaaaaaah 3araayiss .. guys you’re just GREAT .. yawa3toona hehehe ;D

  4. q8health says:

    يعني النفر يطلع بـ 3 دنانير الا خردة..
    بس المشكلة ان يبيلك مجموعة كبيرة.. ما يصير أقل من 25؟

  5. Mathai says:

    That “arayis” looks great. I dont think I’ve ever had this sandwich but I’m guessing its similar to Fa6ayer La7am wa jibin (which I love !) 🙂

  6. Abdulmohsen says:

    His riyash are also one of the best around…

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. riyash! I think we should call him!

  7. I wouldn’t mind trying it out as long as I bring my own meat 😛 Or he tells us what meat he wants and we buy 😀

  8. Kaikou Q8 says:

    Bu 3bdulla is amazing… we got him grilling for us too many times… at home and al shaleeh.. by the way its a family thingy what he does.. his father used to own a mashawy rest long time ago.. my mom and dad had there share 30+ years ago in their Melcha and his father was the grill master at that time… true story =)

  9. Miss Kuwait says:

    We tried him before like 5 times maybe .. His cooking is amazing !!
    And really worth to try it .. He knows how to cook Lebanese Food better than anyone 😀

  10. Kuwaiti Girl says:

    مايصير اطلب عشا مثلا حق 5 او 6 انفار؟؟؟ لازم 25؟

  11. Bo7amad says:

    is that the minimum charge ? or better yet let me call him.


  12. Khalid says:

    The minimum charge is 60kd bas not sure how many kilos it will get you 🙂

  13. Yara says:

    He is the besssst … even his taboulah is the best i ever had 🙂 Allah ywafgah enshallah

  14. Abdullah says:

    he is good, BUT his price is depending on your location.

    He didn’t give me a clear price, I mean he didn’t say how much does he charge per kilo nor per person. I’ve ordered mixed grills for 15 persons and he charged me 140 kd.

  15. bu bader says:

    what’s his mobile number?

  16. bu bader says:

    sorry got, missed it before

  17. den6ist says:

    what is his nationality ?

  18. Bo 7amaD says:

    thanks khalid!! 🙂

  19. mentabolism says:

    You don’t like arayiss…how could you??
    Maybe you could post a recipe…now that you have found it edible…

  20. joy says:

    he is amazing
    words cant discribe what his food tase\tes like
    am in love

  21. Danderma says:

    My family asked me for his number o knew i read it on your blog fa i came again…

    this line made me laugh ‘His Arayes are out of this world. Let me begin by saying I hate Arayis, I never liked them and never liked whoever ate them’

    Ok i dont like 3rayes either… i don’t even eat meat… but how could you not like whoever ate them?! That would be 90% of the q8y population!!! LoooooooL

  22. Yousef says:

    LOL! That’s how much I used to dislike arayes :p his are geewwwwd!