What is going outside is unbelievable! Not because its orange outside and we’re coughing and have sand in our mouths, But coz we just had some showers some days ago! Dust particles shouldn’t be able to fly so freely after the rain! It goes against all the laws of physics..

On a side note: I was just informed that the sea ports are suspended and the ships aren’t going in nor out at the moment and till the sky calms down.

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This entry was posted on Wednesday, February 11th, 2009 at 12:33 pm

17 Responses to “Aren’t you just loving the weather?”

  1. Bo7amad says:

    take a look out-side now

  2. stuck at work says:

    i wouldn’t call what we had a couple of days ago “showers” we barely had rain 😛 unfortunatly i believe that this is the beginning of what we are going to face all summer 🙁

    dont you think the dust season started pretty early this year?

  3. Bo9ale7 says:

    the weather is causing me a head. i can almost see nothing from the window

  4. Ahmad says:

    I was looking at the weather through my office’s window and it was pure orange. I actually did not believe it was this shade of orange until I cracked the window open and saw it with my, now dust filled, eyes!!!

  5. Abdulmohsen says:

    God help those who suffer from asthma or allergies.

  6. 9k2hn says:

    I think it will clear up by tomorrow morning (although i heard it will get better around 9 pm today)

    Mishary it did not rain enough in the dessert to hold the sand, and you will be shocked to know how far this sand can travel.

  7. ya 5teeee 3ala jawna i love it mwa mwa k7 k7 k7 k7 k7 3afwan mwa mwa
    its getting better and better .. i still wonder why they didnt do like one actor said .. lo ma5tar3een sayara tamshee 3ala ghbaar !!

  8. NASER M says:

    world mate live on my Blackberry states its sunny today

  9. Marzouq says:

    The weather is nothing short of horrible! I literally couldn’t see 20 meters in front of me for a while! I was in Subhan heading to the City! Nuts!

  10. DVLz says:

    Mishary its very simple the sand is coming from outside the borders, you may have rain in your country but your neighbors ( Saudi Arabia & Iraq ) might not, so what would happen if the wind blows in their country towards yours, it will just keep moving.

    Now pay me for the lecture and yes I do accept visa 😛

  11. Miss Kuwait says:

    It’s not just in Kuwait .. I got a call from my Saudi friend, and their weather is as bad as ours !!
    Seriously, who would have thought that yesterday’s windy weather would turn into complete dust the morning after !

  12. Hamad says:

    sample day weather for what will happen this summer

  13. Khalid says:

    hmm, I think I might have to extend my vacation!

  14. Hamad says:

    i might extend my vacation hahahaaa .. 3omra ma tebakhar tebakhar we7tarag wetghareg bel maghsila enshalla

  15. Khalid says:

    ga3idle chenik!:p la elaha ela allah!

  16. Quando says:

    It’s dusty in Bahrain too. Btw where did you take that shot Mishary?