But the rest of you are exactly what he is not 😛

Thanks 4am4ni


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7 Responses to “He is a Non Stereotypical Muslim”

  1. Kuwaiti Girl says:

    I think he’s amazing 🙂

    and it’s 4m4ni or Amani 🙂

  2. Reemi says:

    7ada thakii 😀 .. !!! very nice video ; ) !!!

  3. Bo 7amaD says:

    quick review, Very well adapted video, the climax was unnecessary at all, claiming your book (mine too) is the greatest ever isn’t the best way to promote it, and whats up with the lightning at the end ?? terrifying, literally.

  4. HKR says:

    clip 3ajeeeb …… love it

  5. shaikhoona says:

    check this one out

  6. Raz7 says:

    good video .. it’s a little bit weird as Bo 7amaD said, but still I like it