I don’t know whats going on with me and my sleeping patterns. I have to, HAVE to, sleep atleast 2wice a week for over 12 hours. Meaning that I get back home after work, have lunch and then sleep till 6 am tomorrow morning! and this goes on every week. I only have 3 full weekdays.

I don’t feel like I’m missing out on activities or outings. Although missing my family’s gathering 3 times in a row is not something I’m proud of, I never miss a gathering.. but I don’t feel guilty! I just love going back from work to my bed and sleep for the rest of the day. I look forward to it, actually.

I heard it’s supposed to get better with time, as in I’m supposed to get used to it and start adjusting to the hideous timings of work..so far, I am not.


This entry was posted on Monday, February 16th, 2009 at 9:31 pm

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  1. eshda3wa says:

    ana ba3ad im waiting to adjust !

    im always so tired!

  2. Fawaz says:

    ask Bo 9ale7 to tell you what to do :ppP

  3. Mohd says:

    well from personal experience, getting used to not sleeping after lunch makes things a lot better but it’s very hard especially around 4 pm when ur surrounded by complete silence

  4. Marzouq says:

    That is ridiculous! I can’t do that! I might do that for one day, but I love completing random tasks or enjoying the day.. might take a small nap but thats about it!

  5. bo3zeez99 says:

    HaHaaaai you remind me with one of my frinds (bom7amad) which he is until now after may be 12years at woork he is still sufering the same like his brother specialy geting up in the morning so you can ask him to he may has a god advice for you (oops Chenny Fe’9a7ta)

  6. Hamad says:

    yousef welcome to the club.. 2yrs and im still doing it twice a week 😀 actually I started to love the way how i skip 2 days without noticing lol

  7. Ahmad says:

    Having a big lunch is a recipe for disaster, especially if rice is involved and double especially if it’s m3addas or mmawwash.

    Usually there’s a certain period after work when you crave the bed, but if you pass it you don’t feel sleepy anymore.

    I suggest that you force yourself to not sleep after work and see how you feel. Do something in that time (other than watch tv), go out and do some things that you’ve been putting off.

    With time you’ll have a better feeling when your body actually needs sleep or not.

    And one final thing, if you do sleep, use an alarm. Two hours of sleep is more than enough after work.

  8. Abdulmohsen says:

    After 4 years of work I still did not ‘adjust’ and sometimes, like you, sleep all day. By the way, my most recent sleep marathon was yesterday! 🙂

    I know it is wrong but I love it… Dedicating a day each week to recharge is great because I feel that my week is actually a day shorter!

  9. Yousef says:

    Looking for ways to shorten my week is becoming an obsession for me these days

  10. Bo7amad says:

    Adjusting to a new lifestyle, like work for instance, makes you want to sleep more. Reason? You focus or worry alot throughout the day or carry to much NEW information.

    You will get through it. you probably need a little while to get with the program.

    Tip: Do not reach out for panadol/aspirin to ease your mind or help you sleep.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  11. Faisal-San says:

    At least u do it twicw a week and not everyday!!! if i dont get my 12 hrs charge, I’d be pissed all day 🙁
    o 3la golat my brother … u actually spent ur half life sleeping!! lol so when u get the secret answer please let me in on it 😛

  12. HKR says:

    ana awal shahar min dawami … kanat hathey 7alty… kan youm lathnaain OFF bilnesba ley .. lesboo3 3ndi 6 days … bss el7mdella allah shafani … ;D

    etsawelik 3a9eer avocado m3a ber7eey emna99ef m3a el6a3aam malah et7e6’hom bilkhalla6 m3a n9 glaa9 “maay elachaaar” …o etkatheer min thoum yebaal… !! o etresh fog’hom gafshat chaay min “debs el rumman” o teshreba gabel n9 sa3a min el noum o 3ala allah eshfaak !

  13. Dee says:

    loool @ HKR

    i tottaly no wat ur going through! everyone misses me :p its either u relax or go out mako wagt for both! and work almost takes most of the day! Hopefully enta3awad soon!!

  14. Alf Laila says:

    The key word is ICE… and MOM.

    Tell your mom to bring a couple of cubes and throw them at the back of your neck after one hour of sleeping. It should wake you up in time for your gathering and you can go back to bed at a reasonable time so that you’re not exhausted after work the next day. ICE I tell you. Try it!

    (If that doesn’t work other things might like asking your mom to spray fleet all around your bed so that she can sort of smoke you out. You’ll get up from the smell and want to leave your room.)

  15. Abdulmohsen says:

    fleet? That is very cruel, humiliating but effective! 🙂

    great idea!

  16. Yousef says:

    HKR 😯

    Alf Laila 😯 😯

  17. Intlxpatr says:

    At the beginning of every new job is a steep learning curve. You are actually doing a smart thing – studies show sleep helps you incorporate new learning into your skill set. You are exhausted from so much new information, and a new routine. Slowly, you will get used to it, and resume much of your former activities.

  18. Me says:

    The other solution I think is…
    We should work at night instead of morning, no body likes to wake up