I remember seeing a video just like this one on intlxpatr’s blog a while ago. It’s hilarious and so true 😛

Link incase the video doesn’t work.

Thanks INM


This entry was posted on Wednesday, February 4th, 2009 at 12:08 am

11 Responses to “The Mom Song”

  1. um 7amoodee says:

    it made me hate my self LOL
    what a terrible mama i am 🙁

    Thanx,loved it ALOT

  2. HBZ says:

    hahahahahahaaa !!!! totally loved it !!! 😛

  3. Abid says:

    Hahah my mother sent me this video via email!

  4. LULU says:

    eee i saw her on DR PHIL the other day. she was a guest on the show

  5. Wa6n_3Mri says:

    KaaaaaK! That is SO HILARIOUS and SO TRUE! well it’s totally a mom’s job “description” to NAG! lol oh I LUV IT! Thanks man I needed to laugh:)

  6. Kuwaiti Girl says:

    is that my mom? she sure sounds like her 😛

  7. Miss Kuwait says:

    looooooooooool It’s sooo true !!
    Hilarious 😀

  8. Intlxpatr says:

    So do Kuwaiti Moms say anything different? I am guessing most of us nag about the same things, but maybe there are some differences?

  9. bo9ale7 says:

    lol what is the real symphony name ?