Again this was one of our Bahrain trip stops. The exhibition is held in Moda Mall. Billboards and decorations outside the mall were all about the Om Kalthoom exhibition and the music inside the mall was all Om Kalthoom’s. The exhibition was surprisingly small and the items were very few (aside from her photos) considering all the signs and flyers we saw about the thing. However, to be there and seeing her stuff was worth it.

There is the famous diamond crescent brooch she wore to some of her concerts. This was a gift from a Kuwaiti woman, Mrs. Muneera Alhlal almutairy. Her and Om Kalthoom were friends and they used to visit each others whenever one of them was in the other’s country.

Om Kalthoom used this mic in one of her first live radio concerts.

Her handkerchief

Her glasses, by Christian Dion, made with platinum. They were surprisingly thick.

Walls filled with her photos

With The famous actress Faten Hamama

With the lovely songbird Fayrouz

With her sister’s grandson, in Kuwait

In her hometown Damay Alzahayra

With Badee’ah Masabny


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6 Responses to “The Om Kalthoom Exhibition in Bahrain”

  1. Nawara says:

    Why is the brooch infamous?

  2. Yousef says:

    Nawara Edited. I used the the wrong word 🙂

  3. ME says:

    it looks nice

  4. blue*q8 says:

    what are her stuff ?

  5. Alf Laila says:

    I’m surprised they have the translation in French and not in English. Did they bring in this stuff from a museum in France or Beirut?

  6. um-mit3ib says:

    ma 7a6ait el sooora ele 7a6een timthal taqdeer 7agy ene sharaft deeerat;hom ib mooda mall ?:P