I was just asking my friend the same question and he said he likes the nescafe 3 in 1. For me, I’d have to go with water.. I drink 4 to 5 glasses of water and I’m enjoying every sip :p

What is YOUR favorite drinks at work?


This entry was posted on Monday, February 2nd, 2009 at 10:45 am

38 Responses to “Whats your favorite drink at work?”

  1. Eman says:

    hmm…Tropicana’s Cappaccino or Latte… 90 Calories Per sac & absolutely Yummy 😀

  2. Water, it goes wonderful with Afandi & Apples 😀

  3. Oh and berries this morning too! I also have organic yogurt too. There ya go, favorite dink and snack too ! hehehe

  4. Hamad says:

    emm.. i think espresso

  5. Black coffee (no sugar, no cream)

  6. Om MiMi ! says:

    T 😉

  7. Chaii 7aleeeb! ahahaha- you know the one in the nescafe machine with hail!
    7ada classic

  8. yaki-CHAN says:

    Green Tea wayed zain .. yemashi el ba6in 😀

  9. Mathai says:

    chay 7aleeb ! 🙂

  10. Kuwaiti Girl says:

    Water, water and water!

    I drink 2-3 medium Aquafina bottles everyday at work!

  11. Kuwaiti Girl says:

    Water,, water and water!

    I drink 2-3 medium Aquafina bottles everyday at work!

  12. Kuwaiti Girl says:

    Water. water and water!

    I drink 2-3 medium Aquafina bottles everyday at work!

  13. Sulaiman says:

    I7LAYBA :p

  14. bo9ale7 says:

    Chai 7aleeb at 7:30 . glass of water mid day lol thats it

  15. 9k2hn says:

    coffee with milk is the best

  16. Faisal-San says:

    Its my secret addiction!!! One tall skinny no foam latte plz (paper cup if u dont mind) lol

  17. LULU says:

    Green tea 🙂

  18. Fawaz says:

    Cappaccino or Latte 🙂 mmm marra o marrah ;p

  19. Abod says:

    6 estikans black tea
    3 275ml water

  20. Om Fahoody says:

    carlos tea

  21. 5ermesS says:

    Water 🙂
    o sa3aat etha gemt 5alaa9 a6eq Roos ashrab 3 in 1

  22. S says:

    rani apple juice from the baqla from downstairs

  23. Dee says:

    3-4 bottles of water
    kdd’s pineapple juice;p

  24. q8health says:

    شاي حليب

  25. pumkinah says:

    mashaalah klman yshrab lots of water during work ! 😛 i have to drink more water ! well i like every thing all kind of coffee , green tea or any organic herbal tea .. so its not the same every day 😉

  26. Ali says:

    7eleleeeb 😛

  27. Ansam says:

    I would go with water as well… but as a treat between now and then I order casper & gambinis ice tea 😀 3ajeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb

  28. NASER M says:

    ansam intay marketer 😛

  29. Virgin R.I.P. says:

    Date water

  30. Me says:

    Water first thing in the morning
    and turkish coffee at 9:00 just to keep me awake
    If I’m not tired I try not to drink

  31. Bu Yousef says:

    & water 🙂

  32. SilenTGRL says:

    Arabic Coffee 1 dalah with istekana 3ashan Mat5al9 bser3a 🙂

  33. Pure says:

    first thing i should have my addiction in the early morning which is plain black coffee (4 shots) without sugar .. Later on green tea, water and coffee again 🙂

    P.s: depending on my headache i might need more shots !!

  34. n says:

    gahwa 3arabiya layn it7is ib rag3a ib galbik loool

  35. Nasser AbuTaleb says:

    ma yabeela ila il chai 7aleeb!!

  36. Mickey says:

    Deit coke ;D